Merit Professional Development Scholarship Program
Through the funding of the Merit Community Supporter Program, Merit offers scholarships to partially or fully cover registration fees of Professional Development courses for Merit Member attendees who would otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarships may also cover some travel costs for specified events.
Scholarship Program Details
The primary goal of the scholarship program is to help Merit Member organizations maintain strong information technology skills despite funding limitations.

Applications require a statement of the applicant’s interest in attending the event, as well as a statement describing the organization’s need for scholarship funding.

Scholarships may be requested for any Merit Professional Development course that has a registration fee.

Each scholarship eligible course page includes an online application link. Applicants awarded scholarships receive a registration discount for the scholarship amount. Travel funds, if awarded, are provided by reimbursement.

Scholarship applications are due by a specified date approximately four weeks before the starting date of each course or event.

Applications are reviewed as soon as possible after the deadline, after which all applicants will be notified of their status. Scholarship applications are treated as confidential; applicant identities are not disclosed by Merit without written permission.

Merit invites all Merit Member organizations to participate in the scholarship program any time funding is not available to allow a staff member to participate in a Merit Professional Development course.
If you have any questions or need assistance regarding this program, please send email to or contact your Member Engagement Manager.
“Thank you so much for granting me a Merit Scholarship. I wouldn’t have been able to attend without Merit’s generosity!”
Stephanie DeLano Davis
Jackson College
Scholarships made possible thanks to the Merit Community Supporters