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Seven Countries and Seven States Compete in International Cyber Exercise Spanning Eleven Time Zones

November 2, 2018
Detroit, Michigan

The Michigan National Guard and the Michigan Cyber Range hosted an International Cyber Exercise on October 29, 2018 as part of the state’s North American International Cyber Summit. Fourteen teams from seven countries and seven states competed in an all out, fast paced cyber exercise that resembles the physical game of paintball. Portugal was a new addition to our teams in this year’s competition.

“We’re very proud to partner with the Michigan National Guard in what is the fifth International Cyber Exercise. Using the flexibility and strength of the Michigan Cyber Range, the Guard is setting a high standard for cyber security training and extending that training to partner nations in a cost effective, robust, and challenging way,” said Dr. Joe Adams, VP of Research and Cybersecurity for Merit and the Michigan Cyber Range.

While the Michigan teams participated from the Summit’s location, the other teams took part from their home station – making the exercise span 11 time zones. Set in the virtual cyber city of Alphaville, the teams had to attack targets while defending servers that they controlled, stressing the importance of quick decision making, communication and technical skill.

At the end of the day, the Latvian team prevailed, but the competition challenged all the teams. Everyone who participated is eagerly anticipating next year, when they hope to return to Alphaville and compete against other teams again.

About Merit Network:
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About the Michigan Cyber Range
The Michigan Cyber Range prepares cybersecurity professionals to detect, prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks in a real world setting. Certification courses, hands-on exercises and workshops are hosted on the range, the nation’s largest unclassified private cloud.
The Michigan Cyber Range is hosted and facilitated by Merit Network.


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