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Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)/Michigan Defense Center (MDC) Release RFP For Cyber Range Hub Site

Michigan’s Cybersecurity Initiative is the world’s first comprehensive state-level approach to cyber, improving the state’s defenses and fostering rapidly growing cyber talent and business environments. Michigan is a national leader in cybersecurity and is ranked 3rd for cybersecurity growth potential according to Business Facilities’ 13th annual rankings report. As a part of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) Michigan Defense Center (MDC) focus in finding solutions to prevent and respond to cyber threats with a focus on building a strong “cyber ecosystem” of partners in both the public and private sectors. The MEDC/MDC is seeking to identify organizations to provide a site to host and operate a Merit Network, Michigan Cyber Range Hub. (MCR Hub) MCR Hubs are magnet sites in the community for IT security training, testing and certification. The primary focus for the hub is cyber security training, hosting exercises cyber classes. 

Occupations in cybersecurity are in exponentially high demand in both the government and private sectors across the nation. It is the fastest growing sector of the IT jobs market. Key industries for cybersecurity include automotive, defense, law enforcement, energy, healthcare, finance, and agriculture, meaning the industry is diversified and resilient from fluctuations in any one industry. 

Applicants may partner with other institutions, industry and/or private sector organizations to supply a complete solution. If your response contains proposed services or hosting applications from multiple providers, all responding parties must be clearly identified and a synopsis of the partner relationship as well as the party that will serve as the prime institution/contact/site for the Hub must be detailed. The purpose of this document is to identify potential cyber range hub host sites.


The deadline to submit the RFP is April 18th, 2018