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Network Security Workshop to Educate Students in Michigan, New Jersey and New York

ANN ARBOR – On April 18-19, Merit Network’s Professional Learning program will host a multi-state learning experience for computer networking professionals in Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. The workshop Hands-On Network Security: Practical Tools and Methods will be taught to students in Ann Arbor by Dr. Charles J. Antonelli of the the University of Michigan and delivered simultaneously through interactive videoconferencing to locations in Fredonia, New York; Potsdam, New Jersey; Princeton, New Jersey; and Syracuse, New York.

The locations in New Jersey and New York will view the workshop via H.323 videoconferencing, which will allow students to view a video image of the instructor as well as his slides and desktop. Attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with the instructor and students at the other locations via video conference. The interactive video delivery method makes the course more convenient for students at the remote locations by saving them time and money related to travel.

“We are very pleased to be able to make this class available to a wide audience,” said Andy Rosenzweig, Manager of Professional Learning at Merit. “Videoconferencing makes it possible to deliver information in a seamless way to other locations throughout the U.S., and the content of this class is ideally suited to this type of instruction. It is a pleasure to work with our colleague networking organizations to provide a valuable service to their members.”

The two-day workshop will provide attendees with practical solutions for addressing major network security issues and best practices for mitigating and assessing network vulnerabilities. The successful course has previously been offered in Ann Arbor and will be made available to the East Coast locations through the Internet2 Network and NYSERNet, a networking organization serving educational institutions in New York. The locations in Fredonia, Potsdam and Syracuse came about through Merit’s relationship with NYSERNet, while organizers at the Institute for Advanced Study, home of the Princeton classroom, learned of the class through an announcement to the Internet2 community.

Dr. Antonelli serves as High Performance Computing Consultant in the Research Systems Group of LSAIT at the University of Michigan, where he is responsible for shared parallel cluster research and evangelization. He has taught numerous courses related to network security, operating systems, distributed file systems, and database application design at the University of Michigan. Dr. Antonelli has dual B.S.E. (cum laude), M.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan.

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