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MJTS Meeting on September 29: Topics and Registration

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Merit Network is pleased to announce presentation topics for the fall MJTS meeting, to be held on Wednesday, September 29 at the MSU Union in East Lansing. All Merit Member organizations are encouraged to attend for a free day of information and interaction.

New at this meeting, you can also join a group for an interactive video connection to the meeting at the University Center in Gaylord. If you live north of Mt. Pleasant, this will be an excellent way to engage in the professional interactions that are an important part of MJTS, without traveling such a great distance.

This meeting will be webcast. On the day of the event there will be a link to the stream on the above page.

Following are the main presentations and speakers:

  • Pete Hoffswell from Davenport University will introduce NetDB, an application from Stanford University that tracks IP and MAC usage on a network by port. This information gives network managers a great deal of information that can be used to improve overall performance. Pete will give an overview of NetDB and describe how Davenport University uses it to provide strong LAN management.

  • Merit staff will discuss ongoing broadband stimulus projects that will build over 2200 miles of fiber throughout Michigan over the next three years. Network engineers will describe the specifics of the fiber runs, the hardware that will be used, and the connectivity options at points along the network.

  • Brandon Sanders and Matt White from Data Strategy will discuss best practices for virtual desktop infrastructure sizing and design, focused on Windows XP & Windows 7. The speakers will present information from active deployments and demonstrate real-world metrics for processor, memory, storage and network sizing for virtualizing desktops.

  • Larry Blunk from Merit will discuss DNSSEC, a set of security extensions to the Domain Name Service that allows DNS clients to authenticate data and ensure that information provided through the DNS originates from legitimate sources. Most organizations can now consider implementing DNSSEC, and Larry will discuss some of the key considerations.

MJTS meetings are open only to Merit Member organizations. We encourage you to invite others from your organization to attend the meeting, in this case especially those who have interests in LAN management, desktop virtualization, DNS operations and fiber development in Michigan. Registration is free, and we ask that you register in advance.