The MISEN Mission
The goal of the Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MISEN), is to connect 100% of Michigan Intermediate School Districts (ISDs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Public School Academies (PSAs) with the networking capacity needed to deliver modern digital learning content to the classroom.
The Merit Mission
As a trusted and valued partner, Merit serves the research, education and public sector communities. Merit advances our members’ success, research, collaboration, security, and economic and professional development by leveraging its network infrastructure, staff expertise and the value of its member communities.
Merit & MISEN Collaboration
In 2016, Merit was selected through the E-rate competitive bidding process to provide Data Transmission service for the Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MISEN). Utilizing Merit’s 3,800 miles of high speed fiber cables, connected schools will be able to access a 100Gbps facilities based core, with a 10Gb connection to each Intermediate School District (ISD). This service will provide improved access to shared services, online testing, and a high capacity, resilient and reliable network that will support all schools (LEAs) within each ISD.
Progress Map
Merit Membership
If you are participating in the MISEN, then you are a Merit Member. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of Merit Membership as a MISEN participant:

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