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Merit Network’s Don Welch Named to Educause/Internet2 Network Council

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Merit Network CEO and President Donald Welch has been named to the Educause/Internet2 Network Council (EINC), an advisory body that considers policy issues that affect campus, regional and national networks and helps Internet2 and EDUCAUSE advocate thoughtfully and effectively regarding network issues.
Merit Network CEO and President Don Welch
EINC’s two overlapping caucuses, the National-Regional Caucus and the Campus Caucus, engage concerns that may impact the future of networking. The National-Regional Caucus considers important policy issues related to national and regional networks, while the Campus Caucus primarily analyzes networking topics related to colleges and universities. Each caucus communicates frequently, with the entire Educause/Internet2 Network Council meeting in person twice a year.

“I am honored to participate on the Educause/Internet2 Network Council,” said Welch. “The council will consider many important issues, some of which may directly or indirectly impact our organization and Members. This is an important opportunity to serve the research and education network community and represent networking in Michigan.”

Welch will serve a three-year term as part of both caucuses. Other information technology leaders participating on the Educause/Internet2 Network Council are listed below:

National-Regional Caucus:

  • [Internet2 VP for External Relations, ex officio, chair]
  • Greg Jackson (EDUCAUSE, ex officio)
  • Jen Leasure (Quilt, ex officio)
  • Tim Chester (Pepperdine University)
  • Kevin Morooney (Penn State University)
  • Don Welch (Merit Network)
  • Larry Conrad (Carolina)
  • Tim Lance (NYSERNET)
  • Marty Ringle (Reed College)
  • Pete Siegel (UC Davis)

Campus Caucus:

  • Greg Jackson (EDUCAUSE, ex officio, chair)
  • [Internet2 VP for External Relations, ex officio]
  • Jeri Semer (ACUTA, ex officio)
  • Anne Margulies (Harvard University)
  • Isabel Hernandez (Miami-Dade College)
  • Charlotte Klock (UCSD)
  • Christine Haska (Naval Postgraduate School)
  • Marty Ringle (Reed, also in NR caucus)
  • Don Welch (Merit Network, also in NR caucus)
  • Pattie Orr (Baylor University)