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Graduate Student Researcher
University of Michigan

The Cogs of Cognition

Presentation Abstract:

Human thinking can do some amazing things! How do we do it? There are many aspects of human cognition that we don’t yet understand how to do with computers. However, researchers now agree upon some high-level systems that summarize how the brain works, and we can implement these in computers to simulate (sometimes intelligent!) human behavior. In our talk, we’ll describe the current high-level understanding of human cognition, and some of the challenges that still face us in our own research into human general intelligence.


Steven Jones is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan. He studies how to provide humanlike long-term memory to computational systems. His recent focus has been on modeling how humans think about and remember events. Outside of work, Steven enjoys spending time with his wife and friends playing video games, discussing internet culture and philosophy, and displaying ignorance through pub trivia.