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Presentation Abstract:

A charm offensive is underway as companies ease the world into the new reality where artificial intelligence has an increasing hand in our everyday lives. But there is also a chorus of very smart people who are warning us about AI. While it could create an extremely bright future for humanity, AI might instead bring about our extinction. It sounds like science fiction, but if you’ll keep an open mind, Josh explains through real-world examples how things could go surprisingly wrong for humans with the rise of artificial intelligence — and might convince you to rethink how you feel about those ads for AI you see on TV.

Josh Clark has worked as a podcaster since 2008, back when telling people you were a podcaster was met with blank stares. Since then, he has served as co-host of the award-winning Stuff You Should Know podcast, producing more than 1100 episodes (and counting) and accumulating more than a billion downloads across the world.

Josh is also the creator of The End of the World with Josh Clark, a ten-part podcast series about some of the very interesting ways humanity could come to an untimely end. For the series, Josh blends intensively-researched science and history with cinematic sound design and a beautiful original musical score to create a singular podcast experience. The End of the World carries the listener on an expansive journey, from around the universe, to deep into their own body, back to the primal early Earth as life emerges, and through deep time into the far future. Throughout the series, Josh’s narration provides a sense of calm and purpose as he describes the extremely high stakes we face in the next few centuries as we enter the most dangerous period in the history of the human race — a period those us alive today are fully responsible for safely escort humanity through.

The second season of The End of the World with Josh Clark launches this Fall and you can hear season one (as well as Stuff You Should Know) on Apple Podcasts, the iHeart Radio app or anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can follow Josh @josh_um_clark and you can join the conversation on social with Josh and fellow listeners at #EOTWJoshClark