MCRCon 2017
The Henry, Dearborn, MI  |  May 18, 2017
The 21st century organization is changing rapidly. Economics, business trends, technological evolution, workplace preferences and the growing sophistication of cyber threats are all factors contributing to an adapting organizational climate. Educators, governments, nonprofits, libraries, security professionals and businesses face challenges like connecting global workspaces, security in the age of BYOD, policy management in an “always on” culture, cloud networking, the changing landscape of digital collaboration and more.
The Michigan Cyber Range Conference on May 18 at the Henry in Dearborn, MI, will address many of these topics while providing attendees the opportunity to network with industry experts, Merit community members and professional peers.
The MCRCon agenda also features a Capture the Flag event with participants competing for over $600 in prizes. When registering for the conference, check the box denoting your intent to participate in CTF to reserve your spot.
Following the conference on May 19th a number of special-topic multi-hour workshops are also available at an additional cost.
– CPE Credits Are Available For Attendees –
Marcel Gagne
Marcel Gagné
Writer and Free Thinker
Linux Journal
Marcel Gagné is the author of the “Moving to Linux” series of books, a regular columnist for several tech magazines, a public speaker, radio and television personality, and a well known voice in the Linux and open source universe.
Kristin Judge
Kristin Judge
Director of Special Projects
& Government Relations
National Cyber Security Alliance
Kristin Judge is the director of special projects and government relations for the National Cyber Security Alliance.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts
Chief Security Architect
Acalvio Technologies
Chris Roberts is the chief security architect for Acalvio Technologies, helping to drive technology innovation and product leadership. Roberts directs a portfolio of services within Acalvio designed to improve the physical and digital security posture of both enterprise, industrial and government clients. In addition, Roberts works to shape the next generation of deception platforms and helps companies with their maturity modeling and overall security solutions.
Security on a Shoestring
Jason Brown
Chief Information Security Officer
Merit Network
With the cost of security products and services skyrocketing, how can organizations afford to protect themselves?

While larger organizations are able to purchase the necessary equipment and hire security staff, small and medium sized businesses have difficulty keeping up. Hackers are very aware of this trend and are now targeting these smaller organizations with gaps in their security plan in the hopes of pulling off a successful breach.

Gartner is predicting that prices will continue to rise for security protection and firewall services. The industry could see as much as $170 billion in growth over the next four years.

What steps can organizations with budgetary restrictions take to protect themselves?

Learn how to implement free and low-cost effective solutions within your organization such as:
• Security Frameworks
• Implementation of Risk Management
• Use of Open Source Security Tools
• Information Sharing and Threat Intelligence

Turning Up the Volume on Engagement
Fredricka Joyner
Senior Leadership & Organization Development Consultant
Turning Up the Volume on Engagement

The world of work is becoming increasingly complex and competitive due to ever-changing technology, globalization, environmental concerns, resource constraints, and a host of other issues. At the same time, the labor force is shrinking as a result of shifting generational patterns and a widening skills gap. This combination of variables has created an unprecedented set of dynamics – a perfect storm – in almost every business environment. In the face of the dynamic tension caused by these factors, attracting and retaining top talent is of critical importance. This workshop will explore how companies can respond strategically by turning up the volume on engagement.

Through participation in this interactive session, participants will be able to:

  • connect business and personal strategic challenges to the need to focus on engagement
  • describe the elements of the current business environment that are coming together to create the strategic imperative for engagement
  • describe the role of the manager in creating and supporting a high-engagement work culture
  • take specific action to strengthen elements of engagement in their sphere of influence
  • identify aspects of the organization’s culture that can be strengthened or enhanced to turn up the volume on engagement
  • identify opportunities for personal development related to turning up the volume on engagement.

Participants will leave the session armed with an understanding of the strategic backdrop, a useful conceptual model, a set of sample strategies and a handful of specific actions for turning up the volume on engagement in the arenas where they work.

Check back soon for the complete agenda and daily schedule details