IPv6 is Here – Are You Ready?
Merit Professional Development and NYSERnet, Inc. are proud to present IPv6 Workshop – Practical Tools for Implementation.
IPv6 will soon be the only option for adding new devices or hosts on the Internet. Is your staff ready? Begin the journey to IPv6 with Merit.
This course will prepare you for the extinction of IPv4 by introducing essential IPv6 concepts, discussing campus IPv6 implementations, explaining configuration and troubleshooting techniques, and allowing participants to configure Cisco networking equipment to build a working IPv6 network in a lab environment.
This expanded workshop also includes additional sections on IPv6 wireless, new information on IPv6 security and address management, and new hands-on lab exercises.
*Participants should bring a laptop computer with terminal editing software installed.
Pre-Requisite Skills
Course participants must have experience with router and switch configuration, including the mechanics of configuration (CLI and config editor), internal and external routing (OSPF or EIGRP, and BGP), and switch and LAN setup.
Workshop Covers:

Why IPv6?
Improved Security
Enhanced Transfer Speeds
Fewer URL Conflicts

Increased Efficiencies
Innate Traffic Encryption
More IP Addresses
No NAT Reliance
Support for widely deployed routing protocols