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Measure & Manage Cybersecurity Risk with Quadmetrics
Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar about Signet Scope, the network reputation management tool from Quadmetrics that utilizes big data analytics to monitor your network.

Archived Webinars
Identify Security Risks Before They're Threats
Subject: Cybersecurity, Security Threats
Contributors: Ivo Weins, Manager of Security Engineering, (Above Security)
Abstract: A key factor of an effective cybersecurity program is knowing your vulnerabilities before attackers do. Hackers breach organizations by taking advantage of vulnerabilities within networks. Attackers pour over every inch of your enterprise network until they find a leak. And that’s where they break in, causing irreparable damage to your bottom line and reputation.
Wireless Networks & Device Proliferation
Subject: Technology, Wireless LAN, Device proliferation
Contributors: Dave Mexicotte (Cisco Systems), Merit Network Staff (Merit)
Abstract: Webinar featuring Dave Mexicotte of Cisco Systems, delivered on October 27, 2011. The webinar discusses how organizations can deal with the proliferation of wireless devices and deliver high quality wireless LAN service even in high density areas.
State E911 Legislation
Subject: State E911 Legislation-How This Affects your Organization and How to Navigate the Changes
Contributors: Merit Network Staff
Abstract: Starting in December 2016, the State of Michigan 911 Office is requiring that Multi Line Telephone System (MLTS) operators provide "enhanced" location information to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) when callers on MLTS systems dial 911. This applies to all instances where the building using the MLTS is 7,000 square feet or more. MLTS operators will be required to identify the specific location of each communications device.
Merit E-Rate Eligible Services
Subject: Voice Over Internet (VOIP), Hosted Email Service, Internet Connectivity
Contributors: Merit Network Staff (Merit)
Abstract: For over 20 years, Merit Network has assisted libraries, K-12 districts, and schools with networking and IT services. Eligible non-profit schools and libraries may receive E-Rate discounts on eligible telecommunication services, Internet access, Internal connections, and training. This webinar covers the services that Merit provides that are E-Rate eligible, including Merit Mail Collaboration Suite, Merit Voice, and Merit Connectivity.
Merit QuadMetrics Platform Overview
Subject: Cybersecurity
Contributors: Manish Karir, Cristy Cardinal, Merit Staff (Merit)
Abstract: Merit offers QuadMetrics, the global reputation system, to all of its Governing Member Organizations. Watch this informative webinar to learn how it can help your organization. QuadMetrics is a holistic, dynamic and proactive approach to the management of cyber security risks faced by enterprise networks. A Internet data measurement and risk modeling company, QuadMetrics measures cyber risk and develops metrics that are useful in managing everyday enterprise risk.
How Security Incidents Differ from IT Incidents
Subject: Cybersecurity, Managed Security
Contributors: Ivo Wiens (Above Security)
Abstract: Watch this informative webinar from Merit, ChoiceCyber & Seccuris to learn how security incidents differ from IT incidents. Data breaches spiked to record levels last year and continue to grow. Most of them were avoidable, yet many organizations didn't have the right security controls in place. Offense is always the best defense. One of the key factors of an effective response plan is knowing the difference between a security incident and a standard IT incident.
Merit Secure Sandbox Overview
Subject: Cybersecurity, cyber range
Contributors: Joe Adams (Merit)
Abstract: Learn about Merit Secure Sandbox during this informative webinar, presented by Dr. William "Joe" Adams, Merit's Vice President of Research and Cyber Security, this webinar covers: What is Merit Secure Sandbox? How does Merit Secure Sandbox work? How can I use Merit Secure Sandbox for my organization?
Whether You're Ready or Not, IPv6 is Here
Subject: Technology, IPv4, IPv6, Internet Addressing, ARIN
Contributors: John Curran (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
Abstract: John Curran of the American Registry for Internet Numbers discusses the depletion of IPv4 addresses and the future of IPv6 implementation. Recorded on August 18, 2011.
Lost & Found: The Data Breach Landscape
Subject: Cybersecurity, Security Threats, Data Breaches
Contributors: Geoff Besko (Above Security)
Abstract: As the level of potential cyber attacks and the number of data breaches suffered by organizations around the world increase almost daily, it’s imperative that your organization have an effective cybersecurity program in place. One of the key factors in protecting yourself from data breaches is understanding what they are.
Are You Managing Your Vendors?
Subject: Technology, Vendor Management, Higher Education
Contributors: Theresa Rowe (Oakland University), Merit Network Staff (Merit)
Abstract: Webinar featuring Theresa Rowe, CIO of Oakland University, discussing techniques for managing interactions with information technology service providers.
The Merit Cloud Media Service
Subject: Cloud Media, Hosted Applications, Media Management
Contributors: Nicole Trinka (Merit)
Abstract: Nicole Trinka, Merit Product Manager, presents this webinar featuring Merit Cloud Media. Merit Cloud Media is a dynamic online platform for presenting, accessing, and hosting video and media. Libraries, schools and other organizations can use Merit Cloud Media to share videos and supplementary materials with their users and beyond. It's easy to distribute, manage and edit videos—anywhere, anytime.
Essential IT Services for Higher Education
Subject: Merit services, Cloud
Contributors: Merit Network Staff (Merit)
Abstract: Merit Staff discuss the IT Services that can be essential tools for the success of higher education institutions. Merit Services discussed during this February 18, 2014 webinar include MeritMail Collaboration Suite, Merit Professional Learning, Merit VirtualDataCenters and Merit Cloud Media.