Welcome to Alphaville
Michigan Cyber Range’s Virtual Village for Cybersecurity Training
The US Army has the National Training Center. The FBI trains its best in Hogan’s Alley. The tactical training range has become the state-of-the-art training environment for practitioners, from local police forces to National Guard Army brigades, who use such experiences to hone skills and practice teamwork.
Now – cyber warriors, defenders, and investigators can take advantage of the same kind of live speed, realistic training in Alphaville.
With Alphaville, there is no reason to be satisfied with short term, single use, shallow training environments. Whether it’s a one-day exercise or a complete annual training program, this is where all users will find all the challenges needed to make the difference in developing their skills and expertise.
Watch a short film about Alphaville.
Greetings from Alphaville
Inside Alphaville
Alphaville contains five different virtual locations, each representing a different security level and containing systems similar to those one would find in their real-world counterparts.
Alphaville City Hall

Following strict Federal guidelines, the city hall protects legal documents, personal information, and other sensitive material. Citizens can access the website for general information while authorized users are able to conduct business through a secure portal.

Alphaville Public Library

An open “information commons” featuring an online card catalog and asset management system. Computer workstations are available to patrons to do research or checkout materials.

Alphaville Public School

Representing a K-12 educational network, the school must provide access to students while protecting their personal information. In addition to classrooms and computer labs, the school maintains staff email, human resources functions, and grades in a web-accessible server farm.

Alphaville Power and Electric

A virtual power company, Alphaville Power & Electric demonstrates the unique protocols, vulnerabilities, and security challenges required to secure a SCADA environment. Sensors, human-machine interfaces, and corporate LANs are all included.

Zenda Corporation

Zenda is Alphaville’s private business. As a for-profit corporation, Zenda has a unique set of security configurations.

Using Alphaville – Exercises
Alphaville offers hands-on exercises to help individuals & teams be practiced and prepared for any type of data breach. Alphaville exercise variations include:
Capture the Flag
Alphaville is an excellent venue for virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) exercises. Participants can take advantage of the Cyber Range’s scoring system as individuals use penetration testing and forensic skills to gather clues and collect evidence. A self-paced exercise, the CTF is a means to assess individual skills across a broad range of systems and challenges.
Red vs Blue
Bring your IT staff to form a Blue Team and defend Alphaville from a Red Team of hackers intent on disrupting communications, stealing critical information or intellectual property, and causing mayhem. These exercises can last a day or more, creating a demanding atmosphere that strengthens team communication and documentation in addition to individual skills.
Red vs Red
There are times when an exercise needs to involve multiple teams in heated, timed competition. Under the pressure of a timed free-for-all, teams need to penetrate systems, plant their flag, secure the system, and move on. Teams can attack each other, replacing one flag with an opponent’s. The team with the most flags left planted when time is called wins the day.
The Technology of Alphaville
Each instance of Alphaville is a virtual data center that encapsulates the over 110 virtual machines that make up the various information systems within the town.
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    A Private Cloud of Sites

    Users access Alphaville through the Cyber Range’s private cloud of sites. Each site resides in a high capacity network operated by Merit Network. With its 100 GB backbone and local 10 GB service for the Range’s physical sites, users enjoy a seamless experience accessing and engaging with the Range.

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    It All Stays on The Range

    Since all activity happens within the Michigan Cyber Range infrastructure, Alphaville users do not have to worry about high bandwidth consumption or need special, often costly, hardware.

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    Easily Accessible from Anywhere

    The Alphaville concept is that users anywhere in the world can access the Range and its services through their own computers with low bandwidth, and low latency. Access to Alphaville is available through a web browser and a VMWare View plugin or through a Virtual Desktop Interface client.

Your Own Custom Alphaville
Although Alphaville is a rich, heterogeneous training environment, users sometimes have unique requirements. Special customizations, specific systems, or unique configurations are available upon request to help achieve this kind of training goals. Alphaville’s modular design allows customers to add their own touches to the environment.
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