Recruit & Retain the Best Employees with Denise Williams, PhD
As change becomes a constant in all organizations, it is critical that leaders are prepared to recruit, develop, and maintain the best IT and other staff possible to serve an increasingly diverse customer base amid shrinking budgets, workforce succession, and competition for the best staff. Dr. Denise Williams will discuss the following topics:
The importance of maximizing diversity and inclusion efforts in order to recruit widely and ensure that all qualified applicants are aware of your positions,
How to understand the phenomenon of “unconscious bias” and how such bias may thwart your efforts to attract and retain the talent you wish to attract,
How building “organizational health” and an optimal workplace culture will help local governments compete with other companies and establish an attractive employer brand,
How your workplace’s processes for decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution can help or hinder recruitment and retention of the best staff
Practical behaviors and strategies to implement immediately to improve organizational culture and diminish the damaging effects of unconscious bias in the workplace.
After attending the session, participants will be able to articulate the business case for optimizing the health of their workplace’s culture and will be equipped with practical knowledge, tools, and techniques that are immediately actionable.
About Denise Williams, PhD
Dr. Denise Williams is a Performance Consultant with the University of Michigan Health System, and works to promote and optimize a culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity that supports the health, engagement, and productivity of employees.