Managing Big Data in the Cloud
Merit Professional Development is pleased to present the Cloud, Big Data, and Data Quality Oversight and Governance course.
This class examines cloud computing, big data, and data quality holistically as three interrelated topics requiring defined ownership, planning, oversight and governance to truly maximize their value to the organization.
You will gain a thorough understanding of:

The implications of cloud computing from an IT management perspective
Financial and cost center ramifications of cloud computing
The effect that a cloud computing strategy has on your existing IT corporate data model
Understanding of data governance political and financial dynamics
Data Governance Group vision, mission and organizational structure
Big data governance and oversight

Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for database administrators, IT managers, programmers, auditors, project management office members and others who are interested in Cloud, Big Data, and Data Quality Oversight and Governance.
Course Objectives

Data Quality – Causes of Bad Data
Data Quality – Data Friendly Topologies
Cloud Data Management Issues
Cloud Security Considerations
Cloud Operational Considerations

Big Data Considerations
Data Governance Concepts
Data Governance Structure
Big Data Governance

1 – Data Quality – Causes of Bad Data
  • Interesting Commentary
  • Data Problems Caused By Vendors
  • Data Problems Caused By IT
  • Data Problems Caused By Architecture
2 – Data Quality – Data Friendly Topologies
  • Internal Data Architectures
  • Thoughts On External Data Architectures
  • External Architecture Examples
  • Modifying Existing Data Architectures
3 – Cloud Data Management Issues
  • Definitions
  • Data Definition Issues
  • Data Movement Issues
  • Inter-Cloud Transactions Issues
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics Issues
4 – Cloud Security Considerations
  • Security Stack
  • Overall Security Concerns
  • Internal Governance
  • Oversight of Data Management Lifecycle
  • The Notorious Nine
5 – Cloud Operational Considerations
  • “House of Cards” phenomenon
  • Run-time monitoring and management tools
  • Vendor Interoperability
  • Portability
  • Multi-Tenant Issues
  • Internet Dependency, Performance & Latency
  • Migrated of Current Enterprise Applications
6 – Big Data Considerations
  • Data Sources and Uses
  • Data quality
  • Data Experation and Purging
  • Data Structure Management
  • Tool Set Consistancy
  • Data Ownership
7 – Data Governance Concepts
  • Definitions
  • Data Life Cycle
  • Data Quality Dimensions
  • Potential Challenges
  • Data Governance Maturity
8 – Data Governance Structure
  • Potential Functions
  • Reporting Structure
  • Responsibilities
  • Reporting Structure
  • Reporting Level
  • Political Justification
  • Financial Justification
  • Department Structure
  • Department Charter
  • Value Of Data Quality
9 – Big Data Governance
  • Information Governance
  • What Should Be Governed
  • Metadata To Be Governed – Operational
  • Metadata To Be Governed – Administrative
  • Metadata To Be Governed – Business

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