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Digital inclusion refers to the activities necessary to ensure that all individuals and communities have access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Building a digitally inclusive community requires participation and support from a variety of partners. Community anchor institutions, such as schools, libraries and healthcare providers, possess a unique connection to their residents. Because of this relationship, these institutions are perfectly positioned to spearhead digital inclusion efforts within their communities.

In order to support our members and community anchor institutions throughout this journey, Merit and the Michigan Moonshot partnered with the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) to generate an extensive list of digital inclusion resources.

For assistance navigating this page, please watch the Michigan Moonshot Digital Inclusion Toolkit Walkthrough video below. This presentation provides additional information about the resources and explains how they can be applied to expand connectivity in your organization and your community.




Digital Inclusion, Digital Equity, Digital Literacy & Broadband Adoption: Shortly after NDIA launched, a working group of digital inclusion practitioners discussed (at length) how to define these keywords. The definitions were then reviewed, edited and approved by the NDIA community.

Join NDIA: Become part of NDIA active listserv, get access to experts across academic and practitioner backgrounds and stay up to date on the latest developments in the digital inclusion world, all free of charge (paid options also available).

The Digital Inclusion Coalition Guidebook: This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with support from Media Democracy Fund and Cleveland Foundation, reflects on lessons learned from six established community-wide digital inclusion coalitions in an effort to aid local communities navigating the development and implementation process of forming a digital inclusion coalition.

Digital Navigators: Digital Navigators are individuals who address the entire digital inclusion process — home connectivity, devices, and digital skills — with community members through repeated interactions.

NDIA Digital Inclusion Startup Manual: The revised NDIA Digital Inclusion Start-Up Manual is intended to provide guidance to organizations looking to increase access and use of technology in disadvantaged communities through digital literacy training, affordable home broadband, affordable devices and tech support.

Free and Low-Cost Internet: Various Internet Service Providers have responded to the global pandemic with new or improved discount broadband plans, both short and long-term, that NDIA has committed to cataloging.

Digitunity: Digitunity, an Initiative of the National Cristina Foundation, is working to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one. 

Broadband Research Base: NDIA has created a searchable collection of reports, studies and journal articles that address the impact of broadband and digital inclusion on community and individual well-being.

NDIA Data and Research Page: At the bottom of the page is an explanation of the broadband adoption tables in the Census American Community Survey. 

Internet Is Infrastructure (I3): Visualizing the Digital Divide, The I3 Connectivity Explorer is a broadband visualization tool for anyone who knows that her or his broadband options are limited and wants to improve their situation.

State Government Responses: NDIA is documenting state government initiatives that address access to the internet (particularly at home), personal computers and tablets, and tech assistance. 

Local Government Responses: NDIA is documenting local government and community-wide initiatives that address access to the internet (particularly at home), personal computers and tablets, and tech assistance.


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The NDIA is a leader of the digital literacy and digital equity movement. Since 2015, the NDIA has advocated for local, state and federal policies to promote digital equity and support local digital inclusion strategies.