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Director of Technology, Southern California Tribal Chairman’s Association
Partnering and Business Development, Arcadian Infracom



Matthew R. Rantanen is the Director of Technology for the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association (SCTCA) and Director of the Tribal Digital Village Network(TDVNet) Initiative that was started back in 2001 designing and deploying wireless networking to support the tribal communities of Southern California.

Matthew is also the lead in Partnering and Business Development at Arcadian Infracom (, a fiber infrastructure company, building long-haul fiber assets to serve the needs of the companies driving the demand, dragging that fiber path through small-town USA, and Indian Country, providing opportunity to the unserved and underserved in rural America.

Matthew, of Cree (First Nations, Canada), Finnish, and Norwegian decent, has been described as a “cyber warrior for community networking” and is considered an expert on community/Tribal wireless networking. He is an advocate for net-neutrality, broadband for everyone, and opening more spectrum for public consumption, always looking out for the unconnected. Matthew helps the 20 member tribes of SCTCA with technology development and strategy, to bring their Nations to the current level of communications.

Matthew was appointed as Co-Chair of the Technology and Telecom Subcommittee of the National Congress of American Indians. Working with tribes to draft telecom policy and promote better opportunities for Tribes within the Federal Government.

Matthew was named to the FCC Native Nations Broadband Task Force by the FCC Chairman, Genachowski, in 2011, and then reappointed under FCC Chairman Wheeler, serving 2 full-terms. He was also named to the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council’s 4(CSRIC4) at the FCC in June 2013.

Matthew served as the 2 Term Chairman of the Board at Native Public Media(NPM), and has held the Vice-Chair and Treasurer positions.

Matthew is frequently a guest subject matter expert speaker on community networking and grassroots efforts to support unserved and under-served communities, with emphasis on tribal communities. Speaking engagements have ranged from local and state governments, to the Federal government’s different departments and agencies. International speaking engagements have included multiple ICANN meetings, Internet Governance Forum meetings (including a closing ceremony speech in Geneva),

He has testified several times at hearings for the Federal Communications Commission, GAO and the California Public Utilities commission.