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Special VMware Program for Health Care

The virtualization of servers and desktops can provide hospitals and health care organizations with greater efficiencies and create significant savings with lower hardware costs (servers, desktop computers) and operational maintenance costs. Desktop virtualization is being adopted by more hospitals to enable a greater sharing of data and to better serve mobile physicians with dynamic desktops that can be accessed anywhere. Server virtualization reduces a data center's footprint, decreasing the environmental impact and lowering power consumption.

MeritLicensing - VMware Program

This program provides eligible organizations in Michigan with the opportunity to purchase the following at discounted rates (from VMware list prices):
  • A full suite of VMware software products, including product licenses, support subscriptions, and professional services.

  • All new VMware products purchased are paired with VMware Production Level Support (24x7). Multi-year support terms are available.

  • Customized professional services to aid Merit Members with deployment, including a technical account manager and a VMware Architect to aid institutions in the planning/implementation of the product suite.

  • Customer Training Programs.

Support & Subscription Renewals

Merit offers multi-year SnS Service options and will manage the renewal process on the behalf of Merit VMware Licensing Members. Member agrees to pay renewal invoices prior to the end of each SnS term. For budgetary purposes, Merit's price list includes the first year for Production level SnS with each VMware product license.


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For more information on VMware related services please use our online contact form or call 734-527-5785.

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Virtualization Saves Money and Our Planet

In an agreement with VMware, Merit Network, Inc. has the unlimited ability to license VMware's industry-leading suite of state-of-the-art virtualization software and technological support services.

Eligible Organizations:

Eligible organizations are hospitals, medical service providers and medical practice organizations located in the State of Michigan. (Exceptions: Federal or federally run organizations are ineligible.)

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