The Michigan Cyber Range provides capabilities not found anywhere else in the world

Our Sandbox is Your Sandbox

Merit Secure Sandbox provides you with a flexible, secure environment that can be used for cybersecurity education, training exercises, and software testing. Located in a virtual cloud, the Merit Secure Sandbox simulates a real-world networked environment with virtual machines that act as web servers, mail servers, and other types of machines. You can add preconfigured virtual machines or build your own virtual machines. Access to the Sandbox is provided through a web browser or VMware's View client from any location.
  • Using Merit Secure Sandbox for Educational Purposes

    Merit Secure Sandbox is ideal for use by an instructor or school for cybersecurity training. Merit Secure Sandbox is fully stocked with tools and targets, allowing for a full range of security exploration in a safe, secure environment.

    Access to the Sandbox is controlled completely by the instructor, who can create and administer course material. Hands-on labs are available from any of the Cyber Range's courses for an additional fee. Students access the material through a web browser or VMware's View client from any location.

  • Using Merit Secure Sandbox for Cybersecurity Purposes

    Your organization can run your own red team-blue team cybersecurity excercise by using the Alphaville cybersecurity training environment in the Merit Secure Sandbox. Alphaville is a simulation environment that features computing resources that are typically found at a city hall, police station, power plant, library, and school. For example, you can have one team assigned to protect the library and the school, and the other team trying to penetrate the resources for those locations.

    If this sounds like an excellent training exercise for your organization, but you only want to practice protecting and securing the computing resources. We can help. The Michigan Cyber Range staff can act as the red team (the aggressors), and your team can practice the teamwork, communication, and techniques needed to protect computing resources from a cyber attack. We have a wealth of experience in staging team exercises and can assist you in planning one for your users.

  • Using Merit Secure Sandbox for Software Testing

    Since the Merit Secure Sandbox is isolated and not connected to the Internet or other production networks, it is ideal for for testing against live security threats, such as malware, viruses, rootkits and more. It is perfect for testing software vulnerabilities and capabilities.


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Get Started Today

Contact Merit's Sales Team at 734-527-5785 or to obtain a quote to begin using the Merit Secure Sandbox.

For details on the Michigan Cyber Range, please visit the Michigan Cyber Range web site.

Watch the Merit Secure Sandbox webinar

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Merit Secure Sandbox Benefits

What happens on the Range, stays on the Range
Multi-layer security ensures that no activity on Cyber Range Infrastructure will impact production networks or local PCs.

If it's Cybersecurity, it's on the Range
Select any number of cybersecurity fundamentals for MCR to add as pre-loaded exercises: Web App Sec.; OS Sec.; Net Sec.; Apache Sec.; Ethical Hacking; Intrusion Detection and many more!

Limitless Learning
Utilize the vast capabilities of the Range to fit your precise needs.

It can be a green field that you fill with your own content. It can be pre-loaded with Alphaville, our exercise environment. Or it can be customized with whatever you need.

Distinguish Your School from the Crowd
Practice and hone students' skills for exciting competitions like Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, Cyber Patriot and others.

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