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Expand Your Computing Capabilities with a Merit VirtualDataCenter

As IT budgets continue to tighten, organizations are searching for ways to get more computing power without investing in additional physical hardware or expanding server rooms. A solution that more organizations are taking advantage of is Merit VirtualDataCenters (VDC). Through the virtualization of your systems, Merit VDCs enable continuous access to your secure data through the virtualization of resources, making them resistant to adverse circumstances and allowing you to consolidate existing servers to reduce costs.

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Create Your Own VirtualDataCenter
Self-service is now available to Merit Members with a dedicated connection. Set up a VirtualDataCenters environment in minutes though the Member Portal. Pay a monthly base fee, as well as fees for your actual utilization of CPU, RAM and storage.

Merit Can Create a VirtualDataCenter For You
Merit can create a VirtualDataCenter environment with your choice of CPU, RAM and storage resource limits, including fixed pricing.

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Using Merit VirtualDataCenters

Whether it's for a temporary solution or a long-term project, Merit VirtualDataCenters can be an affordable way to add computing resources without making an investment in hardware.

Benefits of Virtual Data Centers

A Virtual Data Center (VDC) enables the sharing of hardware resources between multiple systems at the same time. By virtualizing your data and applications and storing them using Merit VirtualDataCenters, your information can be easily moved from one place to another if need be. This flexibility prevents data from being compromised and allows upgrades to be made with zero impact on functionality. The secure transference of data makes the most of your existing servers by increasing uptime and consolidating the resources that are already in motion, clearing up space for new opportunities.

Read about how one of our Members benefited from using Merit VirtualDataCenters- Saving Time and Reducing Hardware Maintenance with Merit VirtualDataCenters

Watch the Merit VDC webinar

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Merit VirtualDataCenters Brochure
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Pricing Information

Merit offers two options for Merit VirtualDataCenters: If you are not already a Merit Member, you can request a quote by contacting Merit's Sales Team by email at or by calling 734-527-5785.

For more details about Merit VirtualDataCenters, contact a Merit representative at or call 734-527-5785.

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