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Are email and shared calendaring strategic to your organization's communications even though owning and operating an email system has become a complex and expensive service?

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Nearsource, Don't Outsource It!

Nearsourcing is when a trusted provider, one who you may already work with, delivers the services you need. Merit, a non-profit service provider, has been serving the research, educational and health care communities for over 45 years. Chances are we already connect your organization to Merit's powerful fiber-optic network. We are more than a service provider, we are a part of the family, accountable to you and your organization's needs from the beginning! That's Nearsourcing!
  • Email is essential to most organizations, but the cost and expertise needed to maintain an in-house email service can be prohibitive. Thankfully, Merit's comprehensive messaging solution, MeritMail, is affordably priced and easily scalable to meet an organization's changing needs.

  • Powered by Zimbra, MeritMail is a collaboration suite that includes email, calendaring (with Microsoft Exchange interoperability), and document sharing-all accessible from a dynamic web interface. MeritMail includes real-time protection for spam and viruses, keeping unwanted malware off your network. MeritMail email can easily be accessed from email clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird.

  • Hardware and software is owned and managed by Merit -so you can skip the management headaches. Your organization does not have the capital or operating cost, nor the worries of upgrades, testing, maintenance, archiving, regulatory compliance or system scaling.

  • The MeritMail Collaboration Suite preserves the integrity of your institution. There are never any ads and your data and messages will never be used for marketing or other purposes. Your data is always your property.

  • Unlimited Storage for all MeritMail accounts. MeritMail places no limits on individual storage accounts and doesn't charge a fee for storage used.

  • Merit will migrate your users from your current system to MeritMail. Merit's highly skilled and experienced migration experts will work with you to preserve your current data.

  • MeritMail saves tens of thousands of dollars per year over owning and operating your own systems.

  • Mobility management helps your administrators keep your data safe on mobile devices by enabling them to restrict certain apps, enforce mandatory passwords, allow or disallow removable storage usage, and more.

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MeritMail currently serves over 450,000 email users at:
  • Alpena Community College
  • Cleary University
  • Detroit Public Library
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Internet2
  • Lamar University
  • Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Wayne State University
  • Western Michigan University
  • and others...

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