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Easily Share Video and Media with Merit Cloud Media

Merit Cloud Media is a dynamic online platform for presenting, accessing, and hosting video and media.

Great for Online Learning & Training

Libraries, schools and other organizations can use Merit Cloud Media to share videos and supplementary materials with their users and beyond. It's easy to distribute, manage and edit videos—anywhere, anytime.

Use any web browser, operating system or device. PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and other devices are supported by Merit Cloud Media.

Click for how Madonna University has used Merit Cloud Media

Merit Cloud Media is powered by NJVID, the recipient of a 2012 WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) award for its innovative use of educational technology in higher education. You can watch a video about NJVID's technology below.

Add Commercial Content

Merit Cloud Media now gives Members the ability to add commercial video content to your Cloud Media collections!
  • Members that have existing contracts with commercial providers should check the vendor list at the web page below:
    If your vendor and videos are listed then those videos can be added to your Cloud Media library at no additional charge.

  • If a Member sees a vendor they contract with, but not the videos they have, NJVid will digitize them and add them to the Member's Cloud Media library for a small fee.

  • If a Member doesn't have an existing contract with a vendor, but would like to get one, Merit, in collaboration with NJEDge, can get you up to 25% off!

Learn about the uses of Merit Cloud Media, integration with learning management systems, and administrative ease of Merit Cloud Media.

Tiered Pricing

Scale your Merit Cloud Media subscription based on your needs.
  • Standard tier allows for up to 2,500 media objects or 250 gigabytes (GB) of storage, with web site branding included.

  • Pro tier allows for up to 5,000 media objects or 500 GB storage with branding AND one Learning Managment System (LMS) integration.

  • Enterprise tier allows an unlimited number of videos and 500 GB of storage, branding and one LMS integration included with NO one-time cost.

Watch the Merit Cloud Media Webinar

Get Started

Merit Cloud Media provides Members the ability to upload and stream media in a variety of formats. Members can edit video and create playlists from anywhere, using any device. Use it to enrich content, enhance learning and engage students—both in the classroom and online. For additional information about Merit Cloud Media, please email or call 734-527-5785.

Merit Cloud Media is brought to our Members in collaboration with, New Jersey's Research and Education Network.

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