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This Service is an Internet2 Net+ Service

Manage your distribution lists and send email to many subscribers at once!

MeritList Manager provides distribution list management with full Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Active Directory (LDAP/AD) integration, including 500 GB of storage. It provides Members a branded Sympa instance with an easy to use web interface.
  • MeritList Manager is the ideal solution for:

    • Members using MeritMail Services
    • Higher Education Institutions
    • Intermediate School Districts
    • Library Cooperatives
    • State and Local Governments

  • Fully Integrated with LDAP and Active Directory service

    • Dynamically manage list membership via LDAP/AD queries
    • Save IT staff time - no need to manually manage lists

  • Superior Capacity

    • Unlimited domains allowed
    • Up to 20,000 lists
    • Each list can contain up to 700,000 List Members
    • 500 GB for archiving standard, with additional storage available

  • Easy to Use Web Interface

    • Single Web Interface provides both User and Administrative interfaces
    • Access control, Message Removal, Subscribe/Unsubscribe and more

MeritList Manager at a Glance

  • MeritList Manager provides organizations a cost-effective, hosted service to manage their distribution lists, as well as send emails to many subscribers at once.

  • The service is scalable for big mailing lists up to 20,000 lists, each containing 700,000 list members.

  • The service allows for file attachments of up to 24MB.

  • Merit List Manager can be fully branded, specific to your organization.

  • This service greatly reduces the time it takes for a user to send large mailings through their current mail server.

Pricing Information

Members may view pricing options and request the service in the Member Portal. You may also request a quote or additional information by contacting Merit's Sales Team by email at or by calling 734-527-5785.

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