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Founded in 1966, Merit Network operates America's longest-running regional network and is a trusted network provider in Michigan. We provide custom network solutions for public sector organizations of all sizes.

We provide Internet service to 100% of the public universities in Michigan, a majority of community colleges, as well as a large number of K-12 districts, public libraries, government agencies, health care and other non-profit institutions.

Merit provides a cost-effective network that has the necessary capacity and engineering performance to support high-bandwidth applications, such as distance learning, large-scale data transfers, videoconferencing, virtual laboratories, remote instrumentation and digital libraries.

Let Merit design a Internet solution for you.

A Dynamic Network Serving Merit's Diverse Membership

The Merit backbone features over 3,800 miles of fiber-optic network infrastructure that stretches across both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. Merit, the longest-running regional network in America, is also the best connected.

Our backbone boasts multiple diverse 10Gb paths to access points in Chicago that connect with the commodity Internet and Internet2; a 10Gb connection to Internet2 in Ohio; peering agreements with private networks; and connections to other research and education networks.

The network is designed to support cloud services and Internet-based applications for organizations of any size.

Merit's regional, mesh network and peering agreements with national networks places Member connections closer to the Internet, providing your organization with a faster route than available from a commercial provider.

Merit is Michigan's only Connection to Internet2

Internet2 is a consortium of over 200 universities formed to develop and deploy the advanced network applications and technologies required for tomorrow's education and research institutions. In this role, Merit provides access in Michigan to Internet2's national high-speed research and education network backbone.

Merit was one of the first state education networks to receive designation as an Internet2 Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP). Through this program, Merit serves as a conduit to Internet2's many working groups and initiatives for Michigan institutions. While several Michigan universities are Internet2 members, Merit provides access to its eligible Member institutions via the SEGP program.

Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.


Connecting via fiber or telco circuits, Merit provides network solutions for organizations of all sizes.
  • Connecting via fiber starts at 1 Gbps, and can be expanded to connections as fast as 100 Gbps. A private fiber network allows Merit to provision nearly unlimited bandwidth on its backbone.

  • A dedicated network connection by a point-to-point private Telco circuit or a wireless connection is also available. Network capacity options are available in flexible, cost-effective increments.
Merit Internet is E-rate eligible. Merit Internet is E-rate eligible.

Let Merit design a Internet solution for you.

Harness the Power of the Collective

Consortium Service
This service allows geographically remote sites to "pool" their required bandwidth for volume savings, yet maintain individual connections to Merit's network. One location serves as the lead organization and is responsible for billing and support. Merit manages, monitors and maintains the circuits and equipment for the entire consortium.

WAN Service
Merit can provide a shared 1Gbps path to be used as a private, point-to-point connection between two aligned but separate organizations or provide a hub and spoke topology.

Additional Attachment Service
Add a routed IP, layer 3 network layer. This is a shared attachment to be utilized by a Member organization within a larger Merit Member group. This service is provisioned with CPE at each Member's site.

Additional Features

A Diverse Connection provides a monitored backup connection.

Plan for the unexpected. A Diverse Connection provides a monitored, "always on" backup connection via an alternate physical route. Merit's engineering staff configure a redundant router to seamlessly assume routing responsibilities should your primary connection fail. End-users are completely unaware of any outage.
Domain Name Services (DNS) are provided to Merit Members.

Domain Name Services (DNS) are provided to Merit Members in conjunction with other services such as high-speed connections. The contracted bandwidth fee for high-speed connections includes domain name service for up to three domains per organization, which includes both primary and secondary DNS services.
IPv4 and IPv6 Address space available.

IPv4 and IPv6 address space is included free of charge to Members subscribing to Internet service.
Merit offers Stratium 1 NTP services as a added feature.

Merit offers Stratium 1 NTP services as a added feature. NTP is the protocol for synchronizing the clocks of computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. It is designed particularly to resist the effects of variable latency.

Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.


Commercial-Grade Fiber Services

Merit offers a variety of transport services across its commercial-grade, advanced fiber-optic network.

Available services include point-to-point Ethernet data transport at 1 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) and dark fiber IRUs and leases. Merit Members, Internet service providers, carriers and others may take advantage of these services.

Let Merit design a Internet solution for you.

This service is ideal as a backup connection between two locations, connecting an Internet Service Provider to a wholesale provider, linking two remote locations or transmitting data to an off-site facility.

Available transport services include:

Gigabit Ethernet Service
Merit offers 1 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) and 10 Gbps ethernet connections between Merit Transport nodes on its network, linking to your facilities in a Merit Transport-eligible location.

Dark Fiber IRUs and Leases
Access portions of Merit's fiber-optic network for point-to-point connections through dark fiber IRUs or leases. Merit has over 2,000 miles of fiber-optic infrastructure in Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas and across northern Wisconsin that are eligible for non-Member use.

Transport service provides a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps dedicated connection. No metered usage.

Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.
Transfer Data Between Two or More Locations Using This Dedicated Path

Register now on The World's Largest Public Routing Registry.


Register Your Routing Assets & Diagnose the Health of Your Network Assets

RADb ( is a public registry of network routing information that assists with the transfer of data over the Internet. RADb provides organizations with tools to register their network routing assets, track routing changes, and determine the health of network assets.

More than 1,800 organizations, have registered over 400,000 route objects in the RADb routing database. RADb's WHOIS servers receive over 6M queries per day from over 300K unique hosts. RADb has remained at the forefront of Internet routing practices and includes over 1,100 IPv6 route objects.


Easy Object Management
A streamlined object management framework based on the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) standards provides a summary of registered routing objects. Enables updating of registered objects through online interface.

Improve Routing Asset Health
RADb members are provided with a view of their network assets from an outside perspective. Prefix alerts are generated when routing anomalies are detected, informing you of possible route hijack events.

Simple Account Maintenance
The RADb portal offers convenient account maintenance and a detailed service history.

Customized Object Query
RADb provides customized queries for network objects.

Why is it important to register your network routing assets?

  • A number of transit providers require their customers to register routes and filter customer route announcements based on registry content.

  • Your organization's routing policy will improve by associating network prefixes with the origin ASN.

  • By filtering unauthorized announcements, your organization can prevent route hijacking and denial of service.

  • In addition to declaring your network policy, you can obtain valuable information about network assets health by maintaining accurate information in RADb.

  • Download the Merit RADb Overview (PDF)

    Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.

    Managed Wireless

    Our managed service model provides flexible, high-quality Wi-Fi networking to your organization while also minimizing the administrative and management burden of deploying and maintaining your own.

    Managed Wireless, powered by ENA Air, leverages ENA's proven infrastructure to provide turn-key Wi-Fi that integrates seamlessly with your local network.

    ENA Air is the leading provider of managed wireless solutions for K12 school districts across multiple states, and was selected by Apple to provide managed WI-FI service to over 100 economically disadvantaged schools across the nation as a part of Apple's ConnectED initiative.

    Managed Wireless is E-rate eligible. Managed Wireless is E-rate eligible.

    Let Merit design a Internet solution for you.


    A total turnkey solution. ENA Air designs, installs, activates, manages, maintains and supports the Wi-Fi-network.

    Real-time analytics and reporting about your Wi-Fi network is provided. Track the number of devices you have connected at any time.

    Monitor use. See the top operating systems being used, monitor which applications are using your data.

    24/7/365 support. Proactive management and maintenance is provided around the clock.

    Functions seamlessly. ENA utilizes highly-available, geographically redundant data centers.

    Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.


    Need More Cabinet Space?

    Colocation is the flexible, affordable way to expand your computing power without expensive physical upgrades to your facilities. With more than 200 cabinets, Merit's colocation space offers scalable solutions at a flat monthly rate.

    Keycard access to the colocation site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hands-on service from an IT professional is also available, and if you need to power-cycle a machine, you can do so remotely from your location.

    Request a quote for Merit Colocation Service


    Fully managed, secure site connected via Merit's 10G fiber connection at our Detroit data center.

    Be prepared for the unexpected. Opportunities for your organization include: Disaster Recovery, Load-balancing, virtualization, and alternatives to tape-backup.

    No power-metering tied to flat monthly rate. Type and level of electrical service required is determined by your organization.

    Over 200 cabinets available, scalable to fit your organization's needs.

    Connected to multiple global transit carriers, including Level3, Savvis, Cogent, Global Crossing, and XO Communications.

    Download the Merit Colocation Overview (PDF)

    Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.

    Providing Valuable Solutions to Michigan's Non-Profit Community

    Founded in 1966, Merit Network is a non-profit, member-focused organization, serving higher education, K-12, government, health care, libraries, research institutions and other non-profits. A strategic partner in Michigan for nearly 50 years, Merit's diverse family of services is designed to meet the needs of our Member organizations.

    As part of its mission, Merit continually seeks to develop services that provide quality, reliability and value for its diverse Membership.

    Stay in touch with Merit to hear about the latest & greatest in security, professional development, events and more!

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    Let Merit design a Internet solution for you.

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