VirtualDataCenters, with Cloud Storage

VirtualDataCenters, with Merit Cloud Storage, enable continuous access to your secure data through virtualization, making them resistant to adverse circumstances and allowing you to consolidate existing servers to reduce costs. Whether for a temporary solution or a long-term project, spend less time managing duplicate hardware and more time furthering the goals that matter to your organization!

Two pricing options are available:

  • Fixed - Merit can create a VirtualDataCenter environment with your choice of CPU, RAM and storage resource limits.

  • Flexible - Pay a monthly base fee, as well as fees for your actual utilization of CPU, RAM and storage.

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    Available for Members

    Self-Provisioning Option
    Self-service is available for Members directly connected to Merit's network. Configure your own VDC instance in minutes though Merit's Member Portal.

    Configure your own VDC instance in minutes though Merit's Member Portal.

    Generate a Preview Quote
    Members directly connected to Merit's network can use our form in Merit's Member Portal to generate a preview quote.

    Generate a preview quote through Merit's Member Portal.


    Significantly lower costs by reducing hardware, sharing resources, reducing personnel requirements and lowering power consumption.

    No data mining. Ever.

    Securely backup your data by implementing a redundant environment. Backup data is highly available should an incident occur.

    Scale instantly with zero impact on funtionality. Get the space you need now and expand at any time.

    Reduce network congestion by relocating high-visibility applications outside of your network.

    Storage Levels

    VDC Gold Tier

    High speed storage. Host database servers in constant use, house fast read/write operations like email, host high-traffic websites, extend OS drives, or run VDI.
    VDC Silver Tier

    Host websites and their backends, host file servers, or stream video.
    VDC Bronze Tier

    Bulk storage. Use to move away from using tape backups, keep offsite data copies for disaster recovery, or archive records and logs.
    Download the Merit VirtualDataCenters Overview (PDF)

    Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.
    This service is an Internet2 NET+ service.

    Cloud Media

    Cloud Media provides Members the ability to upload and stream media in a variety of formats. Members can create playlists and learning objects from anywhere, using any device. Use it to enrich content, enhance learning and engage students- both in the classroom and online.

    Cloud Media is powered by NJVID, the recipient of the WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) award for its innovative use of educational technology in higher education. Experience Cloud Media for yourself!

    Get a Merit Cloud Media Quote.


    Adaptive streaming delivers the appropriate video format, adjusting the compression and bit-rate based on the speed of the user's Internet connection.

    Use any web browser, operating system or device. PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and other mobile devices.

    Upload a wide variety of media formats. Merit Cloud Media automatically converts files to a supported format, within an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

    Embed videos. Generate embed code for players in standard and widescreen formats. Videos can be embedded on a web site or learning management system.

    Easy to use dashboard for managing content and assigning permissions for specific users. A drill-down pie chart has been added to monitor media views or media-asset data.

    Closed caption creator. Automatically create and edit WEBVTT caption format for showing captions on HTML5 player on mobile devices.

    LMS integration. Merit Cloud Media integrates with Blackboard, Moodle, Camtasia Relay and other learning management systems.

    Commercial content. Add commercial video content from existing contracts with commercial providers to your Cloud Media collections.

    Custom branding is available. Customize the look and feel of Merit Cloud Media to best represent your organization.

    Download the Merit Cloud Media Overview (PDF)

    How Madonna University Uses Cloud Media

    Learn About NJVID's Video Technology

    Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.

    Internet2 NET+ Regional Partner Program Service Portfolio

    Merit and Internet2 have partnered to provide Merit Members and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) Members access to a diverse suite of IT services from leading brands at best-in-class pricing. All Internet2 NET+ Services are identified, evaluated and vetted by Internet2 member institutions.

    Internet2 NET+ Services are turnkey ready, with pre-negotiated SLAs (service level agreements) that save participating organizations administrative time and resources.
    Internet2 logo
    Get started with Internet2 NET+ Services. Request a quote.

    The following services are currently available through this program:

    Fuze, HD video conferencing service. Fuze
    Fuze is a cloud-based software that allows HD video conferencing from any device, at any time, from anywhere. Fuze bridges desktops and laptops into a live video conference with legacy H.323 systems, as well all mobile tablets and smartphones. There is also full cloud-based collaboration, allowing users to connect without any global geographic barriers.

    Vidyo, virtual meeting rooms for video collaboration. Vidyo
    Vidyo provides virtual meeting rooms for video collaboration. It enables natural, HD multi-point videoconferences on tablets and smart phones, PCs and Macs, room systems, gateways that interoperate with H.323 and SIP endpoints, telepresence and affordable cloud-based broadcast solutions.

    These select service providers have agreed to provide their services to Merit Members and CENIC Members at a lower cost, through the Internet2 NET+ Regional Partner Program. These exclusive savings are only available through this program.

    Merit is recruiting pilot organizations for the following services:

  • eduroam
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365 Educational Support

  • Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.

    List Manager

    Manage your distribution lists and send email on a large scale.

    List Manager is a hosted, managed email distribution list service with full Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Active Directory (LDAP/AD) integration and storage. It provides Members their own branded Sympa ® instance with an easy to use web interface.

    List Manager is an ideal email distribution tool for higher education institutions, intermediate school districts, library cooperatives, and state and local governments.

    Let Merit design a List Manager solution for you.


    Fully integrated with LDAP and Active Directory
    Dynamically manage list membership via LDAP/AD queries and no need to manually manage lists.

    Superior capacity
  • Unlimited domains allowed
  • Up to 20,000 lists
  • Each list can contain up to 700,000 List Members
  • 500 GB for archiving standard, with additional storage available
  • Allows for file attachments of up to 24MB

  • Easy to use web interface
    Single web interface provides both user and administrative interfaces. Easily manage access controls, message removals and unsubscribes.

    This service is an Internet2 NET+ service.

    Questions? Send an email to the Merit Sales Team Email the Merit Sales Team at Call the Merit Sales Team or call 734-527-5785.

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    As part of its mission, Merit continually seeks to develop services that provide quality, reliability and value for its diverse Membership.

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