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Innovating with Integrity and Intelligence

Merit Network's Research Department focuses on network and security research, using Merit's advanced fiber-optic network and the Internet2 Network as the platform for innovative research. Led by William "Joe" Adams, Merit's research program is performing ground-breaking work that can benefit Michigan, Merit's Members, and others.

Michigan Cyber Range logo Cyber security and protecting the nation's network infrastructure is becoming a vital concern, and Merit Network is initiating a major project, the Michigan Cyber Range, to help cyber security professionals prepare for real-world situations. Like a test track or a firing range, the Michigan Cyber Range will enable individuals and organizations to conduct "live fire" exercises, simulations that will test the detection and reaction skills of participants in a variety of situations.

For over 45 years, Merit has been at the forefront of network research. Merit staff have participated in the development and research of routing standards, network protocols, network topology visualization, and network measurement tools. Significant projects include the: Merit is currently assisting with the following national research projects: If you are interested in having Merit Network participate in your research project, please contact us.

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Meet Joe Adams

Dr. William J. "Joe" Adams is the vice president of research and cyber security.

He joined Merit Network after retiring from a 26-year career in the United States Army where he achieved the rank of Colonel. Adams was previously CIO of the National Defense University. He has also served as a professor and research scientist at West Point, and network engineer for the Supreme HQ, Allied Powers Europe.

He has a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), MS degrees from the Army War College and University of Arkansas as well as a BS in computer engineering from Syracuse University.

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