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Merit Network Selects Juniper For Routing, Switching Hardware

Article reprinted from Michigan Technology News

March 7, 2012

Merit Network announced Wednesday the selection of Juniper Networks as Ethernet routing and switching hardware vendor for Merit's REACH-3MC broadband stimulus project. Juniper will supply routing and switching equipment for both funding rounds. Terms were not announced.

"Merit Network is pleased to announce the selection of Juniper Networks as Ethernet routing and switching hardware vendor for REACH-3MC," said Michael Milliken, director of network engineering for Merit.

"Merit will use Juniper Networks technology to power the REACH-3MC backbone that will provide both backhaul infrastructure in underserved areas, and redundant paths out of the state that will improve service for the entire region. The equipment will support the knowledge infrastructure upon which Michigan will compete and grow in the 21st century."

CentraComm, a Value Added Reseller based in Findlay, Ohio, has been awarded the REACH-3MC contract and will supply the Juniper hardware.

"Juniper Network's innovations result in secure, scalable, and transparent networks that provide seamless connectivity and increase operational efficiency," said Mark Robinson, President of CentraComm. "CentraComm's legacy of success with Juniper in the education and government sectors will support Merit's mission to connect Michigan's universities, K12 schools, libraries, community colleges, health care providers, state and local government, and public safety entities to their high-performance, regional network."

Juniper was selected from a number of qualified applicants who responded to a Request for Proposal. While there were several strong proposals, Merit's team thoroughly reviewed all RFPs and determined that Juniper could deliver the best solution to meet the technical requirements of the REACH-3MC project.
"The Juniper product portfolio is best positioned to meet the needs of Merit's network and our Membership. Additionally it was one of the most cost-effective and flexible solutions that we evaluated," Milliken said.

"Merit Network is investing in its infrastructure to help keep pace with the service expectations of its members while also preparing for the arrival of even larger bandwidth demands from new social and video applications that are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives," said Mike Marcellin, vice president of systems strategy and marketing for the platform system division at Juniper Networks. "Broadband service delivery to underserved areas is an excellent investment in Michigan's economic growth, and Juniper is thrilled to have been selected for the project."

The Merit evaluation team made their selection based on the following criteria: flexibility of proposed solution, company profile, understanding scope of work, cost, technical requirements and warranty.

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