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Re: ARIN Fraud Reporting Form ... Don't waste your time

  • From: Ronald F. Guilmette
  • Date: Fri Oct 01 07:10:26 2010

In message <>, 
Owen DeLong <> wrote:

>It's not so much a matter of whether ARIN cares or whether ARIN wants
>to do something about your issue. It's more a matter of whether ARIN
>is empowered to do anything at all about your issue.

That is complete and utter horse shit, and you're just dodging the real
issue by trying to change the subject.  It isn't going to work.  People,
even people here, may be stupid, but I think that most can recognize sleight
of hand when they see it.

>I'm sorry you're not satisfied with that fact. I'm sorry that you are =
>clearly very upset by this experience. However, I think your issue stems
>from a fundamental misunderstanding of the role ARIN plays in the
>community vs. that of the ISPs.

No, it doesn't.  I think that *your* issue stems from a fundamental inability
to read what I wrote.

>It's kind of like asking a DMV representative to arrest an auto thief.

No, it's kind of like asking the DMV whether the car belongs to the thief
or to someone else.  They keep the records for Christ's sake!  They *can*
take a position on that rudumentary, simple, and basic question, and they
should.  And that is all I ask or expect them to do.  But they don't
even want to do that miniscule amount of work, apparently.  They want to
be the Keeper of the Records, but then they want to roll over and play
dead, or ignorant, or agnostic, whenever somebody has the temerrity to
simply ask them what the f**king records they are keeping *mean* about
who actually owns what.

I already said it, but I'll say it again for the benefit of those with
low reading comprehension.  Nobody is asking ARIN to go out, with guns
drawn, and pull the plug themselves.  But they can and should take a
position on who owns what.  That is a judicial function, not a police
function.  If you don't understand the distinction, then you are dumber
than you think I think you are.


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