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Re: IPv6 PI block is announced - update your filters 2620:0000::/23

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Thu Sep 14 11:58:54 2006
  • Face: 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Stephen Sprunk wrote:
Thus spake "Jeroen Massar" <>
IPv6 Assignment Blocks   CIDR Block
Expect blocks in between /40 and /48 there.
Expect mostly /48s and /44s, given that ARIN has not defined any criteria for what justifies more than a /48.
The first three are already available:
2620::/48 - U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
2620:0:10:/48 - S. D. Warren Services Co.
2620:0:20:/48 - CollabNet

These have been added to GRH ( now lets see how long it takes for them to show up in the global tables and how far their reach will be. Hallway talk: one of them was requested 6 sept, answer on the same day that it will be issued, received on 13 sept, nice work there ARIN :)

> Of course, some folks will
> announce a /44 instead since the block is reserved, but it should
> still only be one route.

That it is reserved as a /44 doesn't mean one can announce that /48 as it is not assigned to them.

Still, even if every org that qualified for an assignment today got one, you're still only looking at a couple tens of thousands of routes max. ARIN using a /23 for PIv6 is either serious overkill or "we'll never need to allocate another block" at work.
The /23 is a good thing indeed, people won't most likely have to ever update their filters for that one.

IMHO, BGP will fall over and die long before we get to that many ASNs.
I guess that will indeed be the case.

Remember, the goal in giving people really big v6 blocks, vs. IPv4-style multiple allocations/assignments, is to reduce the necessary number of routes to (roughly) the number of ASNs.
But people require Traffic Engineering, as such they might want to do some routing tricks and thus split up their /48. Only the future will tell.

If PIv6 folks start announcing absurd numbers of routes within their allocation, I'd expect ISPs to start filtering everything longer than /48 -- if they don't do so from the start.
Most ISP's already do this now. In effect /19 - /48 is unfiltered in most places.


PS: Anybody knows when ARIN will finally learn CIDR? :)

$ whois -h 2620::/48

CIDR queries are not accepted

No match found for 2620::/48.

They clearly understand it is CIDR and the resulting record even has a CIDR field; they really should move to the RPSL based db that RIPE provides.

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