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Re: So -- what did happen to Panix?

  • From: sandy
  • Date: Fri Jan 27 17:11:14 2006

Todd Underwood wrote:

>you're probably right (as usual).  but it seems that if you delay
>acceptance of announcements with novel origination patterns, you don't
>harm very many legitimate uses.  in particular, ASes changing
>upstreams won't be harmed at all.  people moving their prefix to a new
>ISP will have a fixed delay in getting their announcement propagated,
>sure.  but they already have this delay now.  

>they tell the new ISP:  'announce my prefix' and the new ISP says
>'prove it's yours'.  they do that for a couple of emails.  then the
>new ISP asks it's upstreams to accept that announcement.  that takes a
>little while (ranging from 4 to 72 hours in my recent experience).

This is great for the planned changes, but real-time changes to
respond to Internet dynamics won't work well with such delays.  If you
are multi-homed to provide a backup, you would like for it to respond
more quickly than 4-72 hours, I'll bet.  So if you have PI space but not
your own AS, your backup route would look like a novel origination,
but you sure wouldn't want it delayed.

How common are such cases?  Should the solutions cover them also?
Should there be special procedures to deal with special cases?


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