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Re: shuts down entire data center?

  • From: Joe McGuckin
  • Date: Mon Jan 16 14:40:27 2006


On the other hand , I'm not comfortable with the idea that an organization
that provides network infrastructure services under the aegis of the US
Government could unilaterally revoke those services for something that is
not illegal. 

By all means, the Justice Dept. and police should move against anyone
performing illegal acts such as phishing, I just don't think that it is
ICANN or ARIN and GoDaddy's job to police good net citizenship.


On 1/16/06 10:07 AM, "Richard A Steenbergen" <> wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 03:32:02PM -0800, Matt Ghali wrote:
>> On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Elijah Savage wrote:
>>   Any validatity to this and if so I am suprised that our team has
>>   got no calls on not be able to get to certain websites.
>> I for one applaud godaddy's response. If more piddling "Hosting
>> Providers" with "Datacenters" got turned off when they started
>> spewing abusive traffic, the net would be a much nicer place.
>> Whoever the heck "nectartech" is, I guess they might act a little
>> more responsibly in the future. Or, more probably, they'll just
>> change to another DNS registrar who doesn't care as much about
>> abuse.
> FYI, Nectartech is a small hosting shop out of 55 S Market in San Jose. I
> wouldn't describe them as a "datacenter", since I don't think they own or
> operate any facilities.
> Perhaps if they ever managed to find "the command to make two routers talk
> to each other and be redundant" (a real quote from what has been loosely
> described as their network admin, I'm not kidding, you can't make stuff
> like this up :P), their next step might be to find the command to make dns
> servers talk to each other and be redundant.
> Reality check time, what we have here is a small hosting shop with a long
> history of shady customers. I doubt GoDaddy nukes nameservers on a whim,
> my money is that there was a lot of abuse which went on for a long time
> without getting any response. Its amazing how quickly some people who
> don't respond or address abuse issues at all when you're asking nicely
> will appear and take care of things once you turn them off. The rest is
> just some random blowhard web hosting customer who gets off on being an
> ass and blaming everyone but himself and his choice in hosting companies.
> Hardly an uncommon sight. :)


Joe McGuckin

ViaNet Communications
994 San Antonio Road
Palo Alto, CA  94303

Phone: 650-213-1302
Cell:  650-207-0372
Fax:   650-969-2124

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