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Re: Deploying IPv6 in a datacenter (Was: Awful quiet?)

  • From: Per Heldal
  • Date: Wed Dec 21 08:31:20 2005

On Wed, 21 Dec 2005 13:13:40 +0100, "Jeroen Massar" <>
> Jim Popovitch wrote:
> > With the thousands of datacenters that exist with IPv4 cores,
> > what will it take to get them to move all of their infrastructure
> > and customers to IPv6?
> A L2 switched (or Hubbed ? :) 'datacenter' doesn't need to do much
> hardware wise, install IPv6 stacks on the hosts, configure done.


There are more fundamental changes required to spark wide-spread
deployment of IPv6. 

* a v6-only "killer application"

* or a real shortage of v4 addresses

* or some other real advantage of v6 over v4, financial and/or technical

However, most important is that those involved with v6 need to
understand that it's impossible to foresee and solve all future
problems. Till then IPv6 isn't mature enough to go anywhere. Any
successor to IPv4 has to provide similar ability to evolve over time,
and operational policies have to evolve with it. 

IPv6 as it stand has a lot of room for improvement but that doesn't make
it useless. An important aspect of engineering is to take what you've
got and make the most of it. Where would we be today if early IPv4
implementations had been halted because there was no DNS, no IGP and no
EGP? There was even an internet before we got CIDR ;-)

  Per Heldal

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