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Re: [Misc][Rant] Internet router (straying slightly OT)

  • From: Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Fri Sep 30 14:44:36 2005

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:39:30 -0400
 Mark Owen <> wrote:
> On 9/29/05, Warren Kumari <> wrote:
> > I have met "Senior Network Engineers" who don't understand longest
> > match rule ("The traffic will take 10/8 instead of
> > because it has a better admin distance", "I can override these 300
> > OSPF routes with a single static supernet", etc), who believe that
> > routers will not route between directly connected interfaces without
> > putting them into a routing protocol, that transit networks don't
> > need a full mesh of iBGP[1] because "you can just redistribute BGP
> > into [OSPF/IS-IS/IGP of choice], that ICMP uses TCP as a transport,
> > etc.
> In a similar note, I Do care about networks and the like but fail to
> fully understand the extensive details of how it all works.  I do not
> proclaim myself to be an engineer and try to stick with what I do
> well.  I read rfc, wikipedia, etc but just don't know what /to/ read. 
> I had never heard of iBGP, OSPF, IS-IS untill today.  What I need, and
> I'm sure quite a few others who listen to this list for insight, is a
> good reference to pick up and read that will cover said topics and
> beyond.  I finally got the basic concept to CIDRs and how they work
> thanks to this list and Google.
> I know this message is slightly off topic from NANOG, but kinda fits
> in response to parent and am hoping not to get flamed.

FWIW, I would suggest ISP Survival Guide: Strategies for Running a Competitive ISP (Paperback)
by Geoff Huston - ISBN: 0471314994, which does a good job with the basics, and is pretty
easy to read.

Marshall Eubanks

> Any suggestions?
> A Padawan,
> Mark Owen

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