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Re: Turkey has switched Root-Servers

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Thu Sep 29 08:05:10 2005

Joseph S D Yao wrote:
On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 09:28:03AM +0200, Peter Dambier wrote:

E.g. NAZI sites and propaganda are prohibited in germany. They are welcome
in the u.s. That delivers a pseudo excuse for corrupt german politician to

Without comment on the rest of this, I feel I must note that to most
people in the USA [including both corrupt and uncorrupt (if any)
politicians ;-)], such sites are definitely NOT welcome.  They are
tolerated because of the principle of free speech.  Please note the
immense difference, ye who believe in principles! ... However, if they
cross the line into promoting criminal activity, that is NOT tolerated.

Please dont take me too very litteral on this.

1.) I have slept bad, because of problems with The Public-Root.

2.) I cannot think of anybody welcoming those sites.

But I am afraid those sites do give a pseudo excuse for censoring gouvernments.

It is a pseudo excuse.

In fact it does the opposite. They are hiding the information that those
sites exist. So they are helping those sites to flurrish in foraign
contries. Censoring is bad. Worse than those sites in the first place.

What can be used will be misused.

Censoring was ment good but it was missused to censor Dr. med Julius
Hellenthal. There was no reason and no right to censor him. Afterwards
nobody has been it and nobody tries to find out who was it or why.

Collateral damage.

With censoring there is always collateral damage. Telling everybody -
look at those guys - and explaining, is much better.

With a single root there will be a single point of failure.

With more that one root it is a lot more difficult to make censoring work.

Look at ICANN. A lot of people say it smells like corruption.

Look at The Public-Root it is not much better.

There will always be people trying to make bad use of things meant
good. We can never hinder them. We can only make their live
difficult by preventing a single point of failure.

Thank you for watching this.

But please watch too:

Kind regards,
Peter and Karin Dambier

Peter and Karin Dambier
Graeffstrasse 14
D-64646 Heppenheim
+49-6252-671788 (Telekom)
+49-179-108-3978 (O2 Genion)
+49-6252-750308 (VoIP:
+1-360-448-1275 (VoIP:

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