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Re: [afnog] ARIN to allocate from 74/8 & 75/8

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Sep 20 23:36:14 2005

> Suffice it to say that there are a myriad of reasons these new
> allocations could seem 'broken' to folks.

tell me about it.  i am having fun testing from various (we believe
to be) *unfiltered* places, and some work and some don't.  e.g. we
can ping from the westin (a class B going out to sprint and verio
stm1s) but not from my hawai`i dsl (an island provider where i know
and trust the very clued systems staff, and they say it's not
filtered).  i can ping from univ of oregon but not from the linx,
blah blah blah.  the suspicion is that cymru has filters!  [0]

> Testing real-world applications seems like a reasonable first
> step. Having an org (cymru in this case) able to provide
> http/icmp targets on these prior to RIR allocations going bananas
> seems like that first step. Those that wish to test can, those
> that don't don't... simple?


this is the way to go, but it needs some work.  but this is the
first try, so cut 'em a bit of slack.  if it's not working
flawlessly in the morning, and i am at gmt-10, we can demand a full
refund and flame 'em to death :-).



[0] - i contend that the target(s) should not be behind any but
      the most basic (1918 and 127) filters.  folk want to test
      from exchange meshes, ...  we should only be debugging one
      set of filters at a time.

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