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Re: Calling all NANOG'ers - idea for national hardware price quote registry

  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Fri Sep 16 16:50:56 2005

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:23:29 PDT, Matt Bazan said:

(answering the second part first)

> to organize just such info.  What I will need from all of you out there
> is your real time quotes (anonymously submitted is just fine, black out
> all the relevant personal/company info) and just include some general
> info on location (state for instance) and rough size of company.
> I'll take care of the rest.  Comments?

Do you plan to include the current going price on eBay? :)

> That way, if you wanted to, say, know that latest prices for 2TB fibre
> channel SAN enclosures from company A and company B

Now, did you want that as all 144G drives, or all 72G, or some shelves
10K RPM 72G, some shelves 7200RPM 72G, and some shelves 5400RPM 300G ATA?
And if you have a mix, do you want to license the HSM product with that,
and if so, how many gigabytes do you want under HSM management?

And one vendor offers redundant heads as separate 3U blocks, while the other
has a 5U chassis that you can buy either one or 2 controller cards, and the
price points are such one vendor is cheaper if you want each head to manage half
the storage and be able to pick up the other half on fallover, but the other
vendor is cheaper if you want both heads able to talk to all the disk all the
time.  And did you want that with just FC connections, or with iSCSI too?

Oh, and you can have up to 7 of <these> attached, unless you have a <those>
attached, in which case you can have 5 <these> and one <those> or 4 <these>
and 2 <those>.  You know the configurator drill.. ;)

Sure, go for it. :) 

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