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FW: Need some help: IDEAS, Inc.

  • From: Marcus H. Sachs
  • Date: Sat Sep 03 11:05:02 2005

One of our incident handlers at the SANS Internet Storm Center has been
trying to chase down the bogus Katrina assistance web sites.  Below is a
note of frustration he sent internally to us this morning.  I asked if I
could cross-post over to NANOG to see if any of you could assist.

Thanks in advance!


Marcus H. Sachs, P.E.          KJ4WA :
Director, SANS Internet Storm Center :
Washington D.C.  USA    (EDT, GMT-4) : +1 703 707 9293

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2005 9:32 AM
Subject: Need some help: IDEAS, Inc.

Morning all:

Last night, I pulled a new copy of the .com and .net zone files down and did
another grep for "katrina" domains.  Obviously, there are now more...

In the process of checking and cross-referencing, I found that our friends
"IDEAS, Inc" are a little more "involved" than we originally thought:

...and those are just the 18 I was able to find.

Right now, there are two weak points to this particular house of cards.

1) The first site listed, ""; is what
drives all of the others.  Each of the other sites, loads the first one in
an IFRAME.  That makes it easy for the bastards to update them all.  This
site is hosted by Interland.  Their final word on shutting these scumballs
down until they could prove they were legitimate was:

"We have been advised by our legal department that the local authorities
should be contacted. The local authorities can submit a subpoena to our
legal department.  We will be glad to comply to such a request."

ie. "We have no balls.  Go away".

2) All of the other sites are hosted at the IP address
Immediate upstream is "" and they are located in (of
course...) Louisiana.  I've emailed them numerous times, and tried to call
("all circuits are busy..."), but they're probably running in lights-out
mode right now.

The IDEAS, Inc. scum MUST die, but I'm all out of ideas at this point... the
only other possibility that I can think of it to take them out at the DNS
level.  All of the "slave" sites at use DirectNIC for their
DNS...  Anyone got sway with them?

Frankly, gang, I'm at my wits end on this one...

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