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Re: Replacing PSTN with VoIP wise? Was Re: Phone networks strugglein Hurricane Katrina's wake

  • From: jc dill
  • Date: Thu Sep 01 12:47:00 2005 wrote:
But then, people don't really care about this, as cell is in the exact same boat and huge numbers of people rely on just their cell phone and no longer have a fixed line (in Europe at least).

I have read accounts that suggest that cellphone subscribers
from New Orleans only have one way service. In other words,
if you left New Orleans with your cellphone then you can
make outgoing calls but no-one can call you. I don't know
how widespread this is, but knowing that there has to be an SS7 switch in New Orleans directing those incoming
calls to your new location, I can imaging that loss of
such a switch would create problems.
It is sometimes the case in disasters that people from inside can call out but that people from outside can't call in because the circuits into the disaster area become overloaded. This would hold true especially in the case where many people in the disaster area have no access to working phones, so those with working phones can easily get a free outbound circuit - meanwhile frantic friends and family clog up the incoming circuits trying to reach phones that are out of service or people who simply aren't near the phone and who can't answer but those calls still tie up circuits each time they are attempted.

I've had several reports that cell phone users who can't make *or* receive calls are successfully sending *and* receiving SMS. It could be that the problem is one of not enough cell channels and working phone circuits for all the phone calls people want to make, but that the SMS channel is not overloaded and thus SMS traffic can zip on thru (when the cell has power and can reach a working cell tower).


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