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Re: New N.Y. Law Targets Hidden Net LD Tolls

  • From: Jeff Shultz
  • Date: Fri Aug 19 13:52:18 2005

John Levine wrote:
That's why some states (e.g. Texas) require that all toll calls be
dialed as 1+ _regardless of area code_, and local calls cannot be
dialed as 1+.  If you dial a number wrong, you get a message
telling you how to do it properly (and why).

In some places that "solution" is _not_practical_. As in where the same
three digit sequence is in use as a C.O. 'prefix', *and* as an areacode.
(an where, in some 'perverse' situations, the foreign area-code is a 'non-toll' call, yet the bare prefix within the areacode is a toll call.

Oh, it works technically, local is 10D, toll is 1+10D, but since they
don't have permissive dialing, Texans have to memorize lists of local
prefixes in order to be able to use their phones.  Way to go.

I agree that life would be simpler if there were some straightforward
way to ask telcos whether a call from a->b was local or toll.


Part of the problem is EAS (Extended Area Service), where for a flat rate (anywhere from $3-$13 that I've seen) your "local calling area" is greatly increased. The problem is that if you don't get the flat rate plan, it's a toll charge... all without having to dial the 1- (everything here is already 10D). Fortunately we are part of a local phone company, so checking on the EAS status of customers and making sure they get the appropriate numbers is easy.

But we still make mistakes - and I'm sure it's very easy for other ISPs to give a new customer a number that's just in the "big city" next door (around 5-10 miles away), but is an EAS toll call.

Personally I think they ought to make flat rate EAS mandatory and just roll the cost into the phone bill.

Jeff Shultz

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