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Re: Tags

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Fri Aug 19 06:50:31 2005

Tom Sanders wrote:

I know RIP is outdated and IETF doesnt support it anymore. Knowing
this i couldnt think of a more appropriate place to post this query:
There are so many boxes out there dating from a century before:

Windows, Macs, old routers, PDPs and VAXes.
Even uptodate CISCOs still use it.

I keep seeing RIP packets with a tag field filled with some non zero
number. Any clues on why this is happening?
Those old and new boxes never heard of IETF. They only know plug and play.
Someone plugs them in and plays arround until it works more ore less.

I know that the border routers were meant to use this to fill their AS
numbers there, but is there any vendor that really uses this.
Moreover, does it make any sense now in doing so.
That border has two sides:

The side you are living is the world of AS numbers, BGP or OSPF and strictly
to be ovserved rules.

The other side is where your customers are living. There are living real
system and network managers who know what they are doing. I dont think they
let slip RIP into your network.

But there are also people who believe in windows, who believe it makes sense
to use netbios packets in the internet. They dont even know their box is
sending and receiving RIP.

I dont believe in blocking internet packets, but I am shure it is a good
idea blocking those RIP packets. They are definitely ment to stay in the
local network. RIP was never meant for the internet. Only missconfigured
router allow it to pass through.

And I cannot imagine anybody using RIP packets for SSH or something like
that :)


Peter and Karin Dambier

Peter and Karin Dambier
Graeffstrasse 14
D-64646 Heppenheim
+49-6252-671788 (Telekom)
+49-179-108-3978 (O2 Genion)
+49-6252-750308 (VoIP:
+1-360-448-1275 (VoIP:

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