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Re: fcc ruling on dsl providers' access to infrastructure

  • From: Christopher Woodfield
  • Date: Wed Aug 10 13:41:27 2005

One question: One article I read when the ruling was announced (can't find it now, sorry) suggested that this only affected access to the ILEC DSLAMs, not the ILEC local loops. If that's the case, then Covad and company aren't totally out of business yet, as they can still demand access to the copper plant. The question, then, is how quickly the ILECs replace copper with fiber, which they have exclusive access to per this ruling.

Is that a correct understanding?


On Aug 10, 2005, at 12:21 PM, Joseph S D Yao wrote:

On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 11:22:23AM -1000, Randy Bush wrote:

Yes there is a major concern that the government has
just ellminated every isp that is currently permitted
to use another carriers dsl lines to provide

will the ilec's start offering competitive services (not bw,
but non-dynamic ips or small blocks to end-users?)

if their competition has been eliminated by fcc ruling, what
does 'competitive' pricing mean?

that which is set by the gov't rulings? :)

and, for this morning's pop quiz, what is the classic term for an
economy of private ownership and government control?

"regulation", ISTM. Just like before the Big Bell Breakup. With govt-
sanctioned virtual monopolies. Hmmm. Relevance to MS case? Except w/o
any regulation, in that case.

Joe Yao
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