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Re: fcc ruling on dsl providers' access to infrastructure

  • From: Scott Call
  • Date: Sun Aug 07 15:43:53 2005

On Sun, 7 Aug 2005, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

Does anyone else find it ironic that removing the requirement that allowed
competition was done in order to promote competition? I feel boned, how
about you? :)
Welcome to the United Corporate States of America (if there was ever any doubt) It must be nice to own a congresscritter or two (or two dozen) and the FCC board for good measure. We've always been at war with Middleastia, and our corporate patrons are working in your best interest.

I would _love_ to see an accounting of all of the tax incentives, monetary perks, and business anti-trust exemptions that have been handed to the BOCs since AT&T split up. These companies have been given literally billions of dollars to build "next generation" networks, and have only ever made any moves in that direction when forced to compete.

On my office wall I have a framed advert from Newsweek in 1982 advertising the low low rate of $1.35 a minute interstate long distance from the Bell System.

Yet another reason to welcome you back to 1984.

I do wonder what, if any, consumer reactions are going to guide the BOCs. I mean is Joe Internet going to get all riled up when his ISP he's had for 5 years sends him email telling him he's being moved to Qwest or SBC without his consent? Is SBC going to care? Is there going to be a business case for web and email hosting with someone other than your forced access provider? Is there any legal incentive for SBC/Qwest/Comcast to allow that access?


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