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Re: "Cisco gate" and "Meet the Fed" at Defcon....

  • From: Brad Knowles
  • Date: Mon Aug 01 06:10:55 2005

At 11:47 AM +0200 2005-08-01, Fred Baker wrote:

 We very much try to work with people that are willing to work with us.
 We aren't very impressed by people that expose the industry to danger.
Here's the fundamental problem. You guys say that you're willing to work with people. But on the other hand, this weakness has been known for many months, and in fact was supposedly fixed back in April. Michael's paper at Black Hat was known in advance by you and ISS, for months.

Yet, at the very last possible moment, you guys go all "scorched earth" on him, leaving him no honorable option but to go ahead and do the presentation anyway and suffer the professional consequences that you have caused him.

That shows how very hypocritical you are, and just how badly you're willing to screw anyone who has tried to work with you, and has successfully done so for years. It's going to be a very long time before you are capable of repairing your reputation in this industry.

Maybe you need a few hacking attempts that are successful in cracking into virtually every router on the planet, before you will recognize the folly in your action.

IMO, John Chambers (CEO), Larry Carter (Sr. VP), Dennis Powell (CFO), Randy Pond (Sr. VP), and everyone else working for them that have been involved in this process, have been in direct violation of their fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders and to the industry as a whole, and you should all be summarily fired.

You guys seriously need an SEC investigation into this matter. And a hundred billion or so knocked off your market cap. Maybe once all your options are permanently under water you'll get a grasp of the severity of the situation.

Brad Knowles, <>

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

-- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), reply of the Pennsylvania
Assembly to the Governor, November 11, 1755

SAGE member since 1995. See <> for more info.

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