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[ [CAnet - news] A new vision for the future of the Internet]

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Wed Mar 30 16:01:01 2005

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  Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 15:27:53 -0500
  From: "Bill St.Arnaud" <>
  Subject: [CAnet - news] A new vision for the future of the Internet
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  Making the world (of communications) a different place
  Report of a working session of the End-to-End Research Group
  For more information on this item please visit the CANARIE CA*net 4 Optical
  Internet program web site at
  January, 2005
  Version 4 3/24/05
  This version for preliminary release
  David D. Clark, Craig Partridge, Robert T. Braden (chair), Bruce Davie
  Sally Floyd, Van Jacobson, Dina Katabi, Greg Minshall,
  K.K. Ramakrishnan, Timothy Roscoe, Ion Stoica,
  John Wroclawski and Lixia Zhang
  This report is the product of a discussion held at the January 2005 meeting
  of the End-to-End Research Group, which is part of the Internet Research
  Task Force. The challenge presented to the group for this discussion was the
  How might the computing and communications world be materially different in
  10 to 15 years, and how might we define a research agenda that would get us
  to that world?
  There were a number of motivations for this discussion. The Internet itself
  arose because of a visionary answer to a question such as this one. Through
  an alignment of visionary leaders, the research community, and funding
  agencies, there was a coherent, long-term effort to build a running
  prototype of a major new communications system. That effort led to a number
  of new research results; results that substantially expanded and changed
  our understanding of the communications field.
  The networking field does not have a shared vision of the future today.
  Perhaps as a result, much of the research we see today lacks a motivation to
  deepen or broaden our understanding of communications. Much of today's
  research is felt to be incremental (in the sense of "least publishable
  increment") and lacking a long-term motivation.
  At the same time, the United States' National Science Foundation is
  interested in hearing about important focus areas that they might fund.
  While focus areas are some steps short of a shared vision, we thought that a
  discussion of visions of the future would help refine what the focus areas
  might be, and could even be a vehicle to bring the research community to a
  common objective.
  In this context, the participants at the meeting speculated about possible
  visions of the future, and whether the time was right for a focused research
  push to move us toward that future. The next several sections talk about
  some of the visions. The report concludes with some thoughts about
  directions we might take.
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