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FYI/OT: AV8 zombie listing in SORBS & the rantings of Dean A

  • From: Matthew Sullivan
  • Date: Tue Mar 29 19:22:52 2005

Dean Anderson wrote:

Hi folks. A few points about Sorbs (I've also started a web site to track abuse of the internet for defamation purposes. The
web site isn't finished, yet.)

1) Someone said Sorbs is just Matthew Sullivan.

Well, _Sullivan_ said it isn't just him. Yeah, sure, that has

However, my own experience with Sorbs has revealed that it is also Alan
Brown (formerly of ORBS) and Kai Schlicting. We all remember Alan from the ORBS shutdown, I hope. Alan was found by three courts in separate cases to be defaming people (two by using a blacklist).

Dean, this is so far off topic its not funny. I am not going to discuss this further on NANOG, should you wish to discuss it you are welcome to join and make your case there (as anyone interested is welcome to subscribe and take a look).

My information is that you did not apply for the address space in question for AV8, and that you took the address space from your former employers when you left by virtue of being the admin and technical contact for the netspace. That information has come from multiple reputable sources. I have repeatedly asked you for proof that you are the rightful owner of the netspace, and am still waiting for that proof - I'll be happy to delist any Zombie/Hijacked listings as soon as the rightful owners have the netspace in their possession and where they think they are the rightful owners and the information suggests otherwise (your case), a small piece of evidence is required for the delisting (eg a copy of a letter from the OSF stating that they gave you the netspace as a leaving 'present')

.... and some facts that you seem to be lacking:

SORBS was created by me and I along with 18 other volunteers run it.

Neither Alan nor Kia have anything to do with SORBS (neither past or present).

My sites have not been, nor have ever been, booted from XO netspace ( and ).

I have never been a student of The University of Queensland.



PS: If you reply in NANOG, don't expect a reply from me this is OFF TOPIC!

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