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RE: Utah considers law to mandate ISP's block "harmful" sites

  • From: Joe Johnson
  • Date: Fri Mar 04 14:53:17 2005

Most proxy caches are jokes nowadays, anyway.  In middle school, the local
district used a Microsoft Proxy server that blocked all sites except a
whitelist. When it took over 45 seconds to check a site against the
whitelist (and by that time, all but a few students knew the one and only
name and password, anyway).

Then by High School, they moved to Bess from N2H2 and realized that giving
teachers names and passwords was a mistake (it took 1 week to be as
effective as the old proxy, which still worked anyway). Then they revoked
all user accounts on the proxy servers and blocked external proxies, just in
time for Terminal Services to allow people to remote to their home PC and
browse at their leisure (no, port blocking never came to their mind, and no
one mentioed it to them).

Joe Johnson

P.S.: Gary, I am sure I want to use Outlook.

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To: Michael Loftis
Subject: Re: Utah considers law to mandate ISP's block "harmful" sites

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Yo Michael!

On Fri, 4 Mar 2005, Michael Loftis wrote:

> > Would "unplug your cable" qualify as a "way to disable access"?
> In the same way the FCC allowed TV to so graciously implement the 'V-CHIP'
> technology?

Does anyone actually know anyone that has actually used the V-Chip?

In the case of content filtering I do know of businesses and libraries that
pretend to do it.

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