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Re: How many backbones here are filtering the makelovenotspam scr eensaver site?

  • From: Steven Champeon
  • Date: Thu Dec 02 16:37:56 2004

on Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 04:18:52PM -0500, Hannigan, Martin wrote:
> Can you direct me toward a singluar entity of 1MM bots controlled by
> a single master?

No, I cannot. I *can*, and have, forward on reports by those more in
the know than I that estimate 100K new bots / day are being added, and
I can certainly point to incidents here which suggest that the problem
is widespread, that the spammers responsible are few, and that many ISPs
continue to refuse to contain the problem. Do the math. 100K / day new
bots, added by a few responsible parties, and it's not hard to see that
over a brief period of time any one of those parties might control over
a million hosts or more.

> I think you might be behind on what's going on in botland lately.

By all means, enlighten me. All I see from my limited pov is that bots
are useless if disallowed from sending spam via port 25 outbound, and
that every day sees hundreds if not thousands, of new bots trying to
send spam to my users, which suggests that /nothing is being done to
prevent them from using the available resources/. Convince me otherwise,
please. I'm all ears.

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