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Re: New IANA allocations to RIPE NCC

  • From: Doug Barton
  • Date: Sat May 08 06:23:27 2004

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On Fri, 7 May 2004, william(at) wrote:

> Also FYI - I noticed this message was actually signed (PGP) and I believe
> that may be first iana announcement message that was, thank you !!!

Certainly not the first, but I agree with the community feedback we've
received that PGP signing these messages is useful, although I also
agree with Pekka that its usefulness needs to be taken in context.

> P.S. Of course its also notable that it says "Version: PGP 8.0 - not
> licensed for commercial use".

Why is that notable?

> I kind of wonder if use by IANA or ICANN is considered commercial or
> not...  But I guess if organization is dedicated to being
> non-commercial that might be OK, but is ICANN really like that?

ICANN is organized as a not for profit corporation.

As for the question of the size of the allocation, it's not appropriate
for IANA to comment on how RIPE plans to use the block, but I will say
that they justified their request appropriately. The allocation was done
in /23 chunks because that's what the current allocation model is. The
RIRs, IANA, and the IAB are currently in discussion about what a more
rational IPv6 allocation policy should look like, given that we're
moving out of the "experimental" phase of deployment.

Last but not least, the question of why we allocate IPv4 in /8 chunks is
answered by the new global IPv4 allocation policy, agreed to by IANA and
passed in the policy forum stage by all 4 RIRs. You can find a copy at
It will move out of "draft" status once it's fully ratified by the ICANN
ASO, but IANA has agreed to use the policy now as a sign of good faith
in our dealings with the RIRs.

Hope this helps,


- -- 

Doug Barton
General Manager, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (FreeBSD)


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