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Re: Update on Querying IADB

  • From: Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.
  • Date: Wed Mar 17 15:51:11 2004

> >		 Accepts unverified sign-ups, gives chance to opt out
> >		 Has opt-in confirmation mechanism
> >		 Has and uses opt-in confirmation mechanism
> >		 All mailing list mail is confirmed opt-in
> Hmm.. this is loads of fun if you're running a Listserv that has
> several thousand lists defined, and not all of them have the same
> policies (for instance, although the vast majority of our lists are
> 'confirmed opt-in', we have several lists that are bulk-loaded with
> database extracts for "captive audience" lists such as "all freshmen",
> "all grad students", and so on).

In a case like this we would list any IPs from which *only* come 
confirmed lists separately, so that they would get the 
listing.  Otherwise we would look at the lowest common denominator 
and use that data code response.

> Also, the pricing seems a bit whacked - are you *really* expecting
> sites that have less than 30 customers to pay $200/month?  I know a
> *lot* of people who have formed collectives of 10-15 people who chip
> in and get a 1U at a colo....

I've already answered this on the fly, separately, but it bears 
repeating.  If you are talking about non-commercial mailing lists, 
that would probably qualify for the newsletter publisher rate, which 
is only $10/month.

It's also critical that people understand that you are now talking 
about *being listed* in IADB, not about querying IADB, which is 
always free (We've heard from at least one list member who thought 
these rates being talked about were to *query* the list).
> It's totally unclear how you can encode an "individual" listing - that
> whole "stuff to the left of the @ sign" thing is rather unhandy...

Are you asking about "is there a data response code for "individual"? 
 There *could* be, but we determined that in the scheme of things 
which most receiving systems care about, it doesn't matter.  What 
matters is the type of mail they send.  


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