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New route-views collector up at the LINX

  • From: David Meyer
  • Date: Wed Mar 17 14:22:38 2004


	We are now up and running at the LINX (London Internet
	Exchange) and would like to invite folks at the LINX to
	peer with route-views. You can get to the open CLI via
	'telnet' (of course,
	nothing much there yet).   

	Please contact us at if you would
	like to contribute your view. In addition, I've included
	our standard boilerplate below.


	The Route-Views Team


AS			: 6447
University of Oregon:
        route-views     :                (multi-hop IPv4)
        route-views2    :                (multi-hop IPv4)
        route-views3    :                (multi-hop IPv4)
                        : 2001:468:d01:3c::80df:3c6c    (multi-hop IPv6)
        route-views6    :                (v6 peering only)
                        : 2001:468:d01:3c::80df:3c6d    (multi-hop IPv6)
        route-views.wide:                 (WIDE peering only)
        route-views.paix:                  (PAIX peering only)
        route-views.linx:                (LINX peering only)
        route-views.linx:                (LINX peering only)

- Route-views does not announce _any_ prefixes.

- We would like to receive a full default-free table from all
  sessions with all peers.

- In order for our multihop-ebgp sessions to survive transient
  network failures, we would like to increase the BGP hold-timer
  to 10 minutes (600 seconds). A value of zero does not work for
  several cases. If possible, peers should set their hold-timer
  to the max value which allows Route-Views to change without
  your intervention. 
   cisco: neighbor 128.223.60.x timers 21845 65535
   juniper: set protocols bgp group routeviews hold-time 65535

- Please send your communities.  If possible, please describe the
  communities you advertise.

- Please provide your NOC's email and telephone number(s).

- Route information from these sessions is made publicly
  available in two forms: manufacturer-style "show ip bgp" and 
  MRT format. 


Short questionnaire.  These data will only be shared with researchers.

- What type of router(s) are we peering with?

- We have a (closed) mail list which we use to announce outages
  to our peers.  If you would like your noc added to this list,
  please let us know.


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